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With a million species at risk of extinction, Sir David Attenborough explores how this crisis of biodiversity has consequences for us all.


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At the beginning, I thought I was just watching another documentary

At the beginning, I thought I was just watching another documentary. Soon, I started to realize, it's not a documentary. It's a horror movie. Not just a horror movie but a story of hopeless despair.

May God save the world from human's hands, please save all the animals and forests from the greed and stupidity of human beings. This is a hell made by us. At the end of this mass extinction, we might probably be the last to go extinct. We really need to stop ourselves and get started to save the world... if it's not too late.

It is all about balance

Massively over-hyped statements given as facts, based on what an organisation funded to prove the environment is being destroyed says. The biggest problem for many men in getting old is becoming very negative as death gets closer and closer. David is clearly in that 'anger and fear' stage. Overall it is well produced, but it is just an angry scared old man scaring the kids with his own fears of imminent doom.

important subject

In the age of Covid-19, Sir David Attenborough and his friends examine the mass extinction taking place right now. It is one of the biggest extinction events threating biodiversity and possibly releasing other pandemics upon the world. This looks at some of the possible consequences and solutions.

This is an important subject. It's deceptively simple and yet massive. It's hard to wrap your arms around it because there are a lot of different roads to take. I love the white rhino but the doc becomes scattered. This is basically an one hour presentation. There are lots of information that needs to go out. There's also a need for solutions. It becomes a lot of bromides and platitudes and complaints about the politics until they get to the gorillas. This is not going to convert anybody new or drive the hesitant into action. That's really the only measuring stick.
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