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Crime | Thriller
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88 min
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Elisabeth Rohm [Director] ,

Movie Description:
The horrific story of Sara, a vibrant teen girl who was looking forward to her 18th birthday so she could move away from her controlling father, Don. Her world becomes extremely dark when her father imprisons her in the basement of their home.


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Powerful story. But realy bad actin

Lazy script, ver bad acting. Poor direction.

Amateur time director for a very bad tv film.

Terrible Movie

I feel bad for the actors all though they did have a choice of being a part of this movie. I would put 100% of the blame on the director. The whole thing is subpar from every aspect of cinema. Storyline probably being the biggest factor in the disappointment. I just can't understand how someone directs this and watched it over and decided let's put this out there, I want my name attached to this, I'm proud of this!?


It takes a lot of strength to watch a movie like this.. and it is a shocking reminder of the cruel, pathetic, perverted and disgustingly despicable world we live in.. It is hard to imagine a young girl gave birth on her own to 4 children and they lived in a basement for 20 yrs without going insane.. not sure how much the movie retells the real story of the. Fritzl case.. However, they could have made the girl age - she went down there at 18 and came back at 38 and she didnt look a day older.. a little far fetched in terms of characters shown for the movie.. the acting on the most part was good but its hard to wrap ones head around such
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