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Pete Bell, a college basketball coach is under a lot of pressure. His team isn't winning and he cannot attract new players. The stars of the future are secretly being paid by boosters. This practice is forbidden in the college game, but Pete is desperate and has pressures from all around.


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I Rank it Third for 1994

"Blue Chips" was one of at least four basketball movies that came out in 1994:

"Hoop Dreams"

"The Air Up There"

"Above the Rim"

"Blue Chips"

They all approached the game of basketball from different angles. "Hoop Dreams" was a documentary, "The Air Up There" was about a college coach recruiting in Africa, "Above the Rim" was about streetball tournaments, while "Blue Chips" focused on college and the pressures to win in college.

Nick Nolte played Pete, a D1 college basketball coach in the mold of a Bob Knight. He was used to winning and winning the right way. After his first losing season ever he felt pressure to get the top recruits in the country--which meant using money.

It was clear that Pete didn't want to cheat, but I imagine he was like a utility player in baseball struggling to make a roster when all the high paid players around him are taking steroids. Sure, it's the right thing to abstain from cheating, but look at everyone around me doing exceptionally well who are cheating.

I won't pretend to know how backroom deals are done within the college ranks between boosters, coaches, and players, but if they're as open, matter-of-fact, and clumsy as they were depicted in this movie then it's a wonder anyone gets away with it.

I liked "Blue Chips" for the accuracy with coaching, coach behavior, the pressure to win in college, and even the realistic style of play. I grimaced at the open requests for money by the athletes and the sinister bad guy role of the main booster, Happy (J.T. Walsh). So, as for the basketball movies of 1994, "Blue Chips" ranks third for me--below "The Air Up There" and above "Above the Rim."

It's well worth seeing just to see the ball players...but it's STILL Nolte's picture.

I am not a basketball fan. Instead, I am an oddball..a bad movie buff. While I do NOT watch a steady diet of lousy pictures, every so often I watch some god-awful movies. I have seen all 50 bad films from Harry Medved's great book "The Fifty Worst Films of All Time" as well as 96 of the current Bottom 100 on IMDB. And, while "Blue Chips" is not on any of these bad films list it has something which does interest me....Shaquille O'Neal. While he seems like a nice guy in real life, Shaquille has a long, sorry track record of incredibly bad films....such as "Kazaam", "Steel" , "Jack and Jill", "Scary Movie IV" and "Freddy Got FIngered". In fact, while I don't blame him completely, as he's first and foremost a basketball star, few, if any, can match his sad record in films.

In this basketball flick, in addition to O'Neal, you've got some other huge stars...Penny Hardaway, Marques Johnson and an older basketball great, Bob Cousy (who STILL is a great shot even at his age). In small roles are Jerry Tarkanian, Larry Bird, Bobby Knight and a few others. This is reason enough to see this well as to watch Nick Nolte play an interesting role as a college basketball coach...and it's one of Nolte's best performances.

So why, in particular, is Coach Bell (Nolte) so angry and upset this particular season? Well, for the first time ever he's in danger of coaching a team with a losing record. Sick of seeing the best recruits going to other college programs, Bell is intent on bringing in some new and very talented blood into the program. Much of the film consists of him traveling the country, interviewing prospects and doing everything he can to hook them for his team. The problem is that there is a LOT of pressure for him to cheat and bend the it seems like everybody is doing it to get the best recruits.

The film is an excellent case study of the ugly side of college sports. And, as the film seems to say, 'everybody's doing it'....which seems likely. I appreciated this plot very much...and Nick Nolte really blew me away with his acting. He was clearly at his best here. Also, it was nice to see Shaquille O'Neal...his acting seemed natural and likable. Overall, a surprisingly good film that exceeded my expectations....and I am not sure why it only has an overall score of 6.2 at this time.


Highly underrated movie - great idea generator

This movie is essential for any coach looking for that upper-hand in winning the brutal recruiting war. Nolte's performance as a win-at-all-costs coach is truly captivating. After all, is it REALLY cheating when everyone else is doing it? Go Cats!
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