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123 min
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4.5 / 10 
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Directors: Magnus Martens [Director] ,

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Tom Buckingham, a special forces operator, is taking Dr. Sophie Hart from London to Paris to propose. When their train is deep inside the Channel Tunnel, Grace Lewis and her team of heavily armed war criminals seize the train and hold hundreds of passengers hostage. Grace threatens to expose the British governments darkest secrets and blow up the Channel Tunnel if her ransom demands are not met. Unarmed and cut off from his counter terror team, Tom is the only hope that Sophie and the other passengers have to make it out alive. Based on the best-selling novel by former SAS operator Andy McNab, SAS: RED NOTICE is a provocative and authentic portrayal of an emergency response operation and the singular mindset Tom needs to survive.


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Utter tripe. Had to suspend disbelief to accept they got finance to make this film. Just a succession of cliches from the titles to the credits.

Ignore the haters watch this film they say

Unfortunately I did and regret, truly awful film with wooden acting, pathetic story line not to mention the accents, expected better from Mr Mcnab

Started off bad, but got much better as it played out

Seasoned TV director Magnus Martens dabbles for his third time in a full length feature film, alongside producer and newb writer Laurence Malkin, who put together this screenplay based on the novel of the same name by Andy McNab.

For the first quarter of the film, the story was all over the place. I can't put my finger on weather it was bad edit scene cuts, flawed directing, a confused and convoluted screenplay, or all of the above. It almost seemed like it all happened too fast, with lots of filler and very little substance. I was just about to throw in the towel on this one. But, once the story started to progress with the train acts, the scene transitions got much better, and the story flowed much smoother, and became very interesting and suspenseful.

The cinematography by Nick Remy Matthews was outstanding. All the visuals and V/SFX were on point. Aside from a few plot and technical issues, the last three-quarters of the film were excellent. Sure there were some cheesy scenes and dialogue, but the tunnel and train sets were very suspenseful and mostly edge of your seat thrills. Even the 123 min runtime flew by with near-perfect pacing.

Casting and performances by all were spot on, and although at first I wasn't impressed with Ruby Rose, she nailed her acting and character in the latter part of the film. The score was the adequate B-grade quality, and that's too bad, because had it been better and less obvious and unfitting, it may have added more suspense to many scenes.

It is certainly not worth all the lame 1/10's - strictly on a production value alone, but I'm guessing most of those are from upset members who saw the ridiculous shill fifty-three 9 and 10/10's. This film was not exceptional by any means to deserve anything close to those numbers, as it had very many flaws. But, it was an unconventional setting with claustrophobic scenes that will make many cringe in suspense, and those scenes were done very well. The story although not entirely unique, it still had many merits to it. Martens should be proud of his work that went into this, and for a newb screenwriter, Malkin did good.

Am I glad I saw it? Absolutely. Would I recommend it? If you're into action and suspense thriller movies and are not overly picky, you will enjoy this. It's a well deserved 7/10 from me. To view my rating guidelines, or see more of my 1000+ reviews, click on my account.
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