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86 min
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7.4 / 10 
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Directors: Matthew Butler-Hart [Director] ,

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Jane (Tori Butler-Hart) wakes up in a strange attic, bound and tied to a chair, she has no idea where she is or who she is. As panic sets in, she sees a violent bright light flash in front of her eyes and once again she wakes up; same situation as before, an exact repeat. Voices bleed in from another time and place, giving Jane clues to what might be happening to her. She escapes and embarks on a journey through an empty parallel world leading her to a Quantum science research laboratory in the middle of nowhere. There she discovers tapes from Dr Charles Marland-White (Ian McKellen) and Professor Aaron Ostergaard (Conleth Hill) and their experiment involving human test subjects.


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A Below Average unoriginal film

With the pandemic, certain films go under the radar and Infinitum: Subject Unknown is one of those films and I found time to watch it today and here is my review for it. The premise of the film sees a woman trapped in an alternate reality as she tries to escape and work out what is exactly going on.

Main CharacterTori Butler-Hart plays the lead character here and I think she does a decent job, she is in this film on her own and she portrays the loneliness well. We follow her around for 90 minutes and I definitely felt like her character, she is lost and confused and lets face it so was I as a viewer. But there is only so much she can do with this character in this film, she is a woman of few words and when she does talk it sometimes feels jarring as she talks to herself and the dialogue is poorly written and that takes her performance from good to just okay.

Supporting CharactersAs this film heavily emphasises in its posters Sir Ian McKellen and Conleth Hill have roles here but I swear to you they are barely in it. They are decent in the 5 minutes of screen time and it feels like they took the majority of the budget up and maybe it was wasted as despite them doing fine they don't add too much to the overall project. Apart from that there isn't really anybody else in the film and I know this film was made during the lockdown so the less actors involved the better but maybe one or two more being bought in towards the end could have helped the film.

StoryThis film has an interesting vibe on its story, it does a really good job of sucking you into the story we are being told and like the lead character we aren't exactly sure what is going on and at least for the first act I was interested. But this film fails in its attempts to be original, it follows Sci-fi tropes when it really doesn't need too and it really holds the film back. Plus the ending of the film is pretty terrible and leaves you with the wonder of why exactly you decided to watch the film.

ScriptThe script is weak, the dialogue is pretty non existent and that isn't a huge issue bit it is here. It is more the writing for the plot which ends up falling flat and it feels like somebody wanted to make the film interesting but then they were fired and this new writer decided to just go with the basic levels of Sci-Fi.

StyleThe film does a decent job with creating a tense environment and as I said, the first act creates this interesting concept and level of a lack of control for the lead character that is pretty effective. But the film just falls back into an unoriginal format and the pacing starts to fail and despite this being an extremely short film it feels like it could have been even shorter.

OverallOverall, Infinitum: Subject Unknown is a below average Sci-Fi Film. Credit to them for being able to film during the UK lockdown and there is some decent elements here but the film lacks originality and doesn't do enough for a positive score.

90 minutes of my life I will never get back

Boring, unoriginal and really not worth the watch.

Here for Ian McKellen

A seriously good sci-fi indie film with one of my favorite actors, Ian McKellen. It's a win for me. Script was well written and made during the pandemic so credit to the filmmakers. Good work!
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