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Drama | Romance
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89 min
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6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Jed Mercurio [Director] ,

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In 1913 Connie Reid marries wealthy Nottingham colliery owner Sir Clifford Chatterley but he returns from the Great War disabled and in a wheelchair. Connie is loyal but begins to feel alienated as he engages a nurse, Mrs Bolton, to bathe him and excludes her from pit business. Despite his desire for an heir his impotency results in a lack of sexual activity and Connie is drawn to handsome Oliver Mellors, the plain-spoken former miner her husband has engaged as his game-keeper and who represents the passion she craves. They embark upon a physical affair in Oliver's cottage but are discovered and betrayed by Mrs Bolton. Connie, now carrying Oliver's child, must choose between a pampered but joyless existence with her husband or an uncertain future with the man she has come to love.


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Captured me start to finish

I really turned to this well cast film more as a distraction to fill time than a sought out choice. The fact that the chemistry of the actors left me with a sense of connection is the ultimate mark of success from actors and director.

The obstinance of the rich and powerful revealed in their disregard of the working class is highlighted frequently on this retelling of the 1928 classic novel.

Grainger's performance accurately reflects the wide variety of emotions that Constance's life experiences take her through. Madden as the infamous lover's performance grows stronger as the film moves forward.

The contrasts between joy and restrictive sadness and between hope and inheritance challenge us to wonder what life is supposed to offer.

A horrible adaptation of the novel

Couldn't bear how this film absolutely slaughters the beautiful work by D.H. Lawrence. No mention of Michaelis, neither a trip to Venice, nor the beautiful letter Mellors writes signing off with "John Thomas says goodnight to Lady Jane, rather droopily, but with a hopeful heart" that he wrote on the farm, hanging the suspense in the air of whether the lovers will be reunited considering the problems they have run into due to Mellor's wife and Cliffords refusal to marry.

Agh, I'm ranting here. Long story short, if I could I would never have watched this film knowing how it brutally kills the works of Lawrence with little regard.Some scenes, however few, were accurately depicted as described in the book.

... like these actors ... just not here

... this one's not bad ... but there are others quite-better... not fault of the actors ... story here is just too-empty... especially very uninteresting manner which they choose to end it
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