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Oprah speaks with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex covering everything from stepping into life as a royal, marriage, motherhood and philanthropic work. They are then joined by Prince Harry, as they speak about their move to the United States.


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Oprah with Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special

Whatever your viewpoint on this after it had ended, this remains one of the most engaging and talked about programmes of 2021.

Up there with Princess Diana's Panorama interview in terms of scandal.

How can you review this objectively

Well honestly I went in thinking that if anyone would create such an event in the royal family then Meghan would probably be the stereotype, being an actress and American etc. I detest social media and the ignorance to the damage it causes in the world. I watched the interview and believe that to them that was the truth, whether context or opinion may vary if everyone saw every event is irrelevant to them I believe they believe it's true.I see arguments of them being rich and influential and poor the, but there's the main divide whether race, money, any orientation that we are all people all the same and nothing else should matter. So people hating on them for being rich etc when they're poor are just as ignorant as anyone. It's well addressed the institutional racism in history when times were different but today especially it's just reprehensible.

In the uk the response was typically pathetic, doing a show to look impartial but stacking it with royal fanatics and former staff that would never be objective and the only objection coming from the common people who were gogglebox style viewers. The problem is white people clearly don't fully understand how bad racism is where any mention any person of colour of this show was instantly offended, there needs to be a medium or then these wars will keep happening, people have to be understanding, more objective and just better. I hate that race and mental health is used and abused to excuse behaviour or blind people from bad behaviour etc.

I felt sad for Harry but I didn't like Meghan, I didn't feel a warmth or introspective attitude that showed her anything than other as a victim with no wrong doing, most events no matter what you hear, it's rarely ever one totally wrong, there's always blame on both sides in some way.

The royal family is dated and in my view I hate one comment more than us by one pompous guy, that the security issue, that uk tax payers would not want to fund security for an ex royal, not being funny we don't want to fund any of them, their renovations on elaborate properties and various other things. It's ridiculous, he deserves support as he's a target due to how he was born, they should pay, tax payers should not pay for any of them, if they're not self sufficient it should end, simple as that.

This world has no privacy, less respect, worse people, stupider people, more opinionated, ignorant and entitled based on nothing other than social media power. Scrap social media and rebuild future generations with actual social skills, the worlds slowly regressing in quality as technology takes over, people seem worse now than ever and people need to take responsibility and be accountable.

Stop airing stuff and just be better, these conversations need to end eventually and everyone should realise were all the same and the worlds hard enough without people hating for no reason, love as one be as one, end classes, race wars, sexism and just love people, hate for valid reasons or actions is ok. But hate based on ignorant idiotic views needs to die. I hope the royal family release a better statement and actually adapt and change their outdated, fake fuddy duddy ways. They may do a lot of good. But there's to much segregation and silence around important views, if tax funds them clarity is owed.

Narcissistic personality disorder

She is a spoiled rotten, entitled, selfish, manipulative narcissist. She is far removed from the person she was pretending to be in the firsts intervieiw for their engagement. She is toxic, actually, they are both toxic.
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