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Directors: Hans Alfredson [Director] ,

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In the 1930s, the feeble-minded Sven's mother dies and he is hired as a farm-hand at the rich, affluent H?glund's farm. He has to work without pay and sleeps together with the cows. He meets the disabled Anna who is the first one to treat him as an adult. One day he has had enough of H?glund's maltreatment and moves in with Anna's family.


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As relevant as ever

As others have remarked, this may be the best movie to come out of Sweden. It both enrages and soothes, as it follows the oppression and uprising of the main character.

While it covers the tribulations and triumphs of the main characters perfectly, it's about so much more. It has a big heart and reminds you that overcomplicating things can lead us astray, whereas the purity of simplicity is sometimes what we should strive for, and it's a lesson in the corrupt nature of power.

The production may seem plain at first, but you'll soon realize that it's pitch perfect. Unfortunately I didn't see this movie before now - I, like every man, could have done well with the additional ballast that this piece of art provides.

Powerful and admirable film by Hans Alfredson.

Den Enfaldige M?rdaren deserves to be better known. It's a fabulous film directed by Hans Alfredson and stars Stellan Skarsg?rd in one of his most memorable performances as the hare-lipped young man Sven, who's considered retarded by his surroundings. He seeks consolation and spiritual strength in his faith and visions as his life becomes difficult and tormenting as a worker for the vicious local factory owner H?glund (played by Alfredson himself).

Superbly played out in a slight retrospective manner, the film beholds a major heart. The emotional aspect is big as we witness Sven throughout the film; his childlike manners and his close relation to his guardian angels, the way he gets involved with the girl-next-door, and getting the opportunity to step up and being treated as an adult, receiving weekly salary and learning how to drive a motorcycle. It's a moving journey of a man who everyone around him seems to misunderstand and neglect. These bright and uplifting moments in the film works as a great counterbalance to the darkness it beholds, especially in the character of H?glund - he's first presented to us lurking into the stable where Sven sleeps among the animals, and he speaks violently and shows no affect for Sven, who's just lost his mother. H?glund treats Sven's sister as meat, shows no affection for his wife and kids, and uses gruesome actions to behold power in the local county.

Den Enfaldige M?rdaren is packed with symbolism and ideas, and it flows carelessly in place and time (we sense both the Middle Ages and something futuristic, and everything in between) and tells a tale a multi-layered tale, shuffling so many elements of humor, romance, spirituality, society's mangles, vengeance and adventure. It's a film that makes one enthusiastic about European cinema.

Brilliant, but not a comedy

This is one of the best Swedish movies of all(which many agrees with) and Stellan Skarsg?rds performance is really worth an Oscar, although i can't understand why some people call this a comedy. This is a sad drama about a gentle poor boy and an evil. Hans Alfrdsons script(based on his book) is solid and his direction great and he is also good as the evil man. This is a movie which a lot of people has seen in Sweden but almost no one outside of Sweden, which is sad because i think everyone in the world should take their time and see this wonderful movie which makes you cry and think. Watch out for G?sta Ekman as a driver.
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