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Comedy | Drama
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Directors: Eagle Pennell [Director] ,

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Lloyd (Lou Perry) and Frank (Sonny Davis), two lifelong friends and self-styled entrepreneurs in Austin, try to find the get-rich-quick scheme that will actually get them rich. Lloyd has developed a new invention that he's sure will finally lead to the success he and Frank have been chasing their whole lives. Their golden ticket is a combination mop, vacuum cleaner and floor polisher, but before prosperity arrives, reality intrudes on their plans.


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Regional Cinema at Its Finest: The Whole Shootin' Match

The Whole Shootin' Match, a regional film set in Texas and the inspiration for the creation of the Sundance Film Festival, is a wonderful example of the power of a simple story when told by regional actors. Truly, that is the draw of this film; the fact that a viewer from Boston or New York could enjoy it is a testament to the power that regional differences hold when it comes to cinema.

The film's narrative, is very simply and has almost no major events to break it up; it almost feels like art cinema in the way that the film is not plot driven, but character driven.

The cinematography of the film is excellent, with shots that have a documentary feel to them and do not distract from the feeling that the viewer is simply viewing what some folks in Texas during the 70's were like.

While some argue that the main characters in the film are evil, or 1 dimensional, the characters are just good ole boys that are trying to make their way in life, though often failing in these attempts.

Overall, a great film, though particularly good if you are from Texas.

wonderful regional film

The Whole Shootin' Match was a great film! This regional film earned a lot of attention when it was first released in the late 70's and I can completely understand why. It was shot in Austin, TX and tells the story of a couple of guys living in central Texas trying to find their place in this world. Even with a low budget the film was able to catch the attention of the audience with the chemistry of the two main characters Frank played by Sonny Carl Davis and Lloyd played by Lou Perryman. They play best friends in the film and are constantly finding themselves down on their luck. I didn't expect much when I knew that this film was a regional low budget film but the outcome really impressed me. After learning about a little bit of the background of the director Eagle Pennell and the making of the film I felt that the crew did an amazing job with the little resources they had. This film captures the simplicity of the life in rural Texas. The film mainly focuses on the life of Frank and the everyday problems he encounters with his wife and son along with trying to find something he can be successful at. When the burden becomes too much he turns to Lloyd and the two best friends go out for a night on the town to relieve themselves of the pressures they face. These characters have something that I feel many people can relate to. They obviously don't live perfect lives and are in search of making something more of themselves. I couldn't help but love these characters, although many may find faults in them. I wouldn't refer to them as losers but instead more as the average person. That is really why I enjoyed this film.

Strong Texan Movie

This low budget independent film, The Whole Shootin' Match, directed by the late Eagle Pennell is a film that portrays what many Texans consider the quintessential blue-collar Texan. The film is set around Austin, TX and is shot in black and white using actors/actresses from the region. This authentic feel pierces through to the audience and as someone from Austin the characters are the type of people I could consider friends and neighbors. It stars Sonny Carl Davis as Lloyd and his best friend and business partner Frank played by Lou Perryman. The two of them start up various small-time business ventures that inevitably flounder. This causes them to often find themselves out of work and broke, but they have a resolute belief in their abilities and a determination to succeed, and are convinced that one day Frank will invent the right product or service that will make them rich. In addition to his constant lack of work Frank has many other problems in his life. He has an alcoholic and his wife is being seduced by his cousin. He is also is an adultery and does not try to hide it. These problems caused several arguments between his wife Paulette, played by Doris Hargrave. Throughout the whole film there is one constant and powerful theme to the movie and it's the friendship between Frank and Lloyd that is mutually supportive, completely trusting, enduring and ultimately touching when Lloyd hits a low point in movie. The flaws in these two characters such as their stupidity and naivety lay at the heart for their one success to ultimately become a failure like all the other schemes to get rich. Overall the film is one about the strength of friendship and the perseverance to achieve one's goal no matter how far-flung they are.
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