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Dennis the Menace Strikes Again! (1998) 1080p - Movie Poster
Comedy | Family
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71 min
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4.4 / 10 
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Directors: Charles T. Kanganis [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Hey, Mr. Wilson! It's another Dennis the Menace movie! The day starts out fine, it's Mr. Wilson's birthday and guess who shows up uninvited? Dennis and a few of his bug friends. After getting a cake in the face and falling down the stairs in a wagon, Mr. Wilson wishes Dennis had another old man to bother. His prayers are answered when Dennis' grandfather comes over announcing he's gonna move in! So once again all is fine until Mr. Wilson finds out he's getting old and Grandpa can do everything better than Mr.Wilson. One day at an amusement park, Mr. Wilson meets The Professor and his assistant Sylvester who claim to be specialists in making people younger--for a price. It's a scam but Mr. Wilson is to naive to know. Well the first few attempts at decreasing Mr. Wilson's age fail, thanks to Dennis. Mr. Wilson tries to do things better than Grandpa when he follows them to the swimming pool but he fails. But it's young Dennis who catches the swindlers at their own game when Wilson wants ...


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I enjoy it

The characters are looklike in the comics in this,thats good,and its funny too

Mediocre, but not terrible

I really liked Dennis the Menace with Mason Gamble and Walter Matthau, the Switchblade Sam subplot aside. It was entertaining and cute and Matthau was just brilliant. I was expecting this sequel to be terrible. To my surprise, it wasn't, but it was rather mediocre still.

The costume and set design are not too bad, in fact it is colourful, while the camera angles are quite good too. Don Rickles does do a worthy job replacing Matthau, and Betty White is good value as Martha. The music was also okay at best.

Though I wish I could say the same for the script and story, but I can't. The script and dialogue are not really that funny and come across as childish, while some of the gags are predictable and poorly timed. The story is thin and not always that well thought out, while the direction is lacklustre, the film is too rushed for my liking and is too short. Some of the actors do good jobs, but the characters are not so easy to relate to, they are not very well written at all and come across as silly. Dennis is annoying to me this time around in alternative to cute and funny, while the less said about Margaret the better.

Overall, the film is not terrible, but it is rather mediocre. 4/10 Bethany Cox

wow, is this bad.

the first one was so cute. not one of the original actors returned for the sequel. it really doesn't even have a plot. there's nothing likable about rickles' mr. Wilson, unlike the walter matthau character in the original. and the dennis character can't hold a candle to the first! the 2 crooks in this are just plain silly. betty white is fine as mr.s Wilson, but we don't even get to know her. and the characters of dennis' parents are so wooden, they could have just used cardboard cutouts instead. the margaret character was just plain silly. i don't even know why they wasted their time to make a sequel. please don't waste your time with this stinker.
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