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24 fps
Chinese 2.0  
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108 min
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7.4 / 10 
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Directors: Zhangke Jia [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Little pocket thief Wu never got away from the streets like his friends did. He realises that he is alone, as his old buddy doesn't invite him for his wedding. When he falls in love with a hooker he is forced to think about his future. Can he break with his criminal past?


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student project

There is a reason this is called a student project movie. Bad editing and shaking camera. Could have been condensed into 10 minutes. Hard to imagine to sit there and watch it from the beginning to the end.


Couldn't fall asleep last night. This kind of theme that is related to the marginal group, alienation and loneliness really attracts me. The characters were built very well. It would be hard to imagine how they could create such a role without a prototype. I'm happy to see that there are some people who want to tell the story about the people from marginal group. If we hadn't gotten such an observation channel, it would have been very likely that they would only have a stereotypical impression based on what they did. However, when i saw the situation where they were living, i felt a strong sense of powerlessness. Maybe everyone has his or her own fate. A good society should allow people like Xiaowu to live more decent though.

this movie could have had a duration of 10 minutes and be more enjoyable

I understand the will of description of the Chinese rural/urban society and stuff.. but this movie is simply incredibly *BORING*. It is boredom to the highest level. I have seen many boring movies in my life, but this probably ranks at the podium.

if you really want to watch people smoking and performing dialogs such as: "are you OK?" (smokes) *30 seconds pause* "yes I am" (lights a cigarette) *30 seconds pause* "are you sure?" (smokes) *30 seconds pause* "yes I am" (smokes)

then this is your movie, otherwise avoid it.

is there really the need for such a sequence of uninteresting, boring, utterly slow scenes in order to describe the degradation of a society? I believe that, even in this degraded society, interesting stories may happen?
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