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Directors: Ben Nicholas [Director] ,

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Looks back at the extraordinary 12-year period in which Pelé, the only man to win three World Cup titles, went from young superstar in 1958 to national hero in 1970; a radical yet turbulent era in Brazil’s history.


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Lots of Great Clips from World Cup

Pelé played a beautiful game of soccer and this documentary captured it well. I enjoy watching soccer so I appreciated the footage from previous world cups. The documentary was heavy on that though, and for that reason, did not portray Pelé's story with the richness and complexity it deserved.

This documentary also covers the historical and political context of Pelé's career. As a non-Brazilian, I appreciated getting to learn about this. I didn't not think that the coverage was biased or that this documentary was a left wing propaganda film.

I would have appreciated more discussion of the significance of Pelé being one of the first Black world sports stars. His first world cup appearance came only 11 years after Jackie Robinson integrated baseball in the US. I realize this is about Brazil but I know that county has it's own issues with anti-Blackness and racial inequality.

All in all, a film worth watching, but one that does not match the greatness of its subject.

Political propaganda of left bias

You can find by yourself: Jose Trajano e Juca Kfori are fans of Lula, just put it on google.

They are using Pele image to tell only they side of the story.

the CLICK is to see Pelé and the BAIT take you to LEFT narrative.

You don't need to be boring or cheat the viewers to talk about dictatorship, but i guess that this director didn't realize that. The documentary is boring, start "ok" showing some good moments of Pelé, then, everything goes from bad to worse! Don't waste your time!
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