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  • Brian Regan: On the Rocks (2021) 1080p - Movie Scene 1
  • Brian Regan: On the Rocks (2021) 1080p - Movie Scene 2
  • Brian Regan: On the Rocks (2021) 1080p - Movie Scene 1

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Good For Regan Nuts

I'll admit, the first 10/15 minutes are a bit slow. So if you don't love that, that's okay. Just make it to the part about OCD and it's nonstop laughs from there. And if you love the first 10/15 minutes? Well, it just gets better!

Regan's jokes are always so comforting to me in their silliness and predictable parameters; it's still the same old Brian but new and different jokes that fit exactly what you'd expect from him. Some may not find it funny anymore as he's still telling the same kind of jokes as he was two decades ago, but if you love his style and you never get sick of it you'll love this special too!

Nothing will ever beat his classics, but I don't honestly think any stand up ever lives up to their first couple recordings. If you have 3 great stand ups you're in an elite tier of comics and I wouldn't call this one great, but it's definitely good and definitely worth your time.

He still has it

This is a solid set from one of the best observational comics of the past few decades. I'm not easily shocked or usually bothered by cussing, I like Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle, but it's cool that Regan is hilarious without using foul language or vulgarity. It's one of my favorite things about him.

A measuring stick for me regarding stand-up is how fast or slow the time is going. This show felt to me to go by really fast. I never once looked at the clock. I definitely re-watch this one.

Brian doing what he does best

Regan's always been among my top 3 comics in the world, and gets huge props for always being clean. However, for the last 15 years, it felt like he did the same 20-year-old material over and over.

So it's refreshing that this is actually all-new material (to me, at least), and pretty great one at that. You likely won't be fainting of laughter if you're used to dirty comics like Bill Burr, but Brian's material is hilarious nonetheless, or more so - his self-deprecating delivery. His talent of telling any story in a fun way hasn't faded a bit.

Speaking of fading, I first thought that his hair was purposefully bleached or something, I'm glad he addressed it immediately, like the smart man he is, lol. It looks great on you, Brian! Looks cool and youthful, actually.

Anyways, this special is a new thing by one of the greatest comics out there, and especially for Netflix, it's beyond must-watch. Because let's face it, most specials Netflix tries to push on you are mind-numbingly bad.

So, good for Netflix for getting this special produced for themselves.
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