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  • Brian Regan: On the Rocks (2021) - Movie Scene 1
  • Brian Regan: On the Rocks (2021) - Movie Scene 2
  • Brian Regan: On the Rocks (2021) - Movie Scene 1

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His best in quite a while

I've been a fan of Brian for about 20 years now. But honestly, I thought his last couple efforts were pretty subpar. Lots of overly corny dad-type jokes. This one however was much more clever. No dad jokes, more personal stories poking fun at his own OCD & social anxiety and observations about the crazy world we live in. My wife and I laughed out loud throughout. I Walked on the Moon will always be my favorite of his specials, but I consider this one on par with Standing Up and The Epitome of Hyperbole.

And as always, he kept it G-rated, which is hard to find in to comic scene today. Highly recommended!

Classic Regan from the master

I'm a fan of comedy and Brian Regan is an exceptional comedian because he doesn't swear nor talk about adult subject. I'm tired of comedians who have nothing to say outside of sex or sex related. He can make a mundane situation into a hilarious comedy with perfect timing and painstakingly chosen words for the maximum punch. Squint with a half smile is extra.

Here, he starts with a joke about his sudden aging, but he looks good to me, bit looks like a punk rocker. Then goes on with his usual topics such as doctor visit, clever animals and space. Lottery joke was little weak and should have finished with "how to pay for the Reiki massage" which was the best bit. He delivered another top-notch comedy as always and I will watch 10 more times waiting for the next special.

Not the same Brian Regan

Watched last night and was disappointed. The jokes were too long and sounded more like a quirky guy making observations and rambling about them. If this was a comedian I didn't know I would have turned it off 10 minutes in.
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