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Horror | Thriller
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5.6 / 10 
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Directors: Wes Craven [Director] ,

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A former Hittite (a member of an Amish-like sect) dies in a mysterious tractor "accident", and his widow is left to face the frightening Hittites who view her as "the incubus" and may have sinister designs on her.


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Cult film!

Wes Craven brought this masterpiece in 1981, a horror-thriller with supernatural slasher elements. Interesting characters, great locations and a creepy dark atmosphere. The direction and performances are great, the script is really good, something different about a religion and people around it. A cult classic! Even "Deadly Blessing" have similar scenes that later Craven would use in his great film "A Nightmare on Elm Street".


Good female friendships on screen are hard to find and Deadly Blessing does a great job of this. Makes me care a lot more when these characters are put in harm's way. The scene with Sharon Stone in the barn is pretty scary, too.

"We Are The Kindred Of God! We Have No Business With The Serpents!"...

When a farmer is killed in his barn, his wife, Martha (Maren Jensen) finds herself up against a local Amish-like group, known as the Hittites. When Martha's friends, Lana and Vicky (Sharon Stone and Susan Buckner) arrive for a visit, horror ensues. It seems that someone is bumping off believers and non-believers alike, making an already bad situation much worse!

Ernest Borgnine is perfectly glum as the stolid Isaiah, leader of the Hittites. This is easily his best role since THE DEVIL'S RAIN.

Director Wes Craven pulls out all the stops here, using spiders, snakes, chickens, religious madness, Sharon Stone in awesome nightwear, and Ernest Borgnine in a beard to incite terror! Sort of a wacky giallo, complete with black-gloved killer, there's much enjoyment to be had!

P.S.- The final conflict in the farmhouse, and the hellish epilogue must be witnessed to be believed!...
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