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Drama | Horror
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24 fps
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100 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Petar Pasic [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Anthropology professor was kicked out from his university for claiming to be on the threshold of an apocalyptic discovery. Someone or something is still interested in his work.


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A Masterpiece (of Boredom)

There are 2 people who deserve awards for this art film, #1 who ever was in charge of filming it because it is filled with great shots and #2, who ever put together the trailer to make this look interesting. Believe me it is not ! The shame of it is, is that by it's end I can see at the heart of it was an interesting story, but this story was told in the least fascinating way possible. Everything about this is dull, the script, the performances, the pace. I kept watching out of curiosity and struggled to stay awake the whole time. As a photographer , I was in awe at how nice the movie looks and professional. Everything else said "amateur". Honestly there is little at all to see here. You could open up a book of interesting photographs and get more substance than what is put on the screen. I wish I had read reviews before watching as I feel like a chunk of my life has been wasted.

Slow paced, with bad acting and confusing plot.

A nice tale about the end of times. Atmospherically amazing, but plage with bad acting. The plot boring, and confusing if you don't pay attention. But it all makes sense, once you realize what's going on, the end is just the cherry on top. Execution is not worth a lot, but the movie is smart, and it takes a little more than half a brain to understand. Is not your average horror movie.

Sorry, it's a nothing film

It's very possible that I missed certain nuance throughout this film that further expanded the actual story...but it just was not good and did not make sense. It is shot well, but the acting is subpar, the characters are not properly explained, the dialogue is clunky, and it uses an audio overlay instead of live you see their lips moving but it's clear you're hearing something different.

The plot is some guy testing a water source and interacting with hallucinations that aren't hallucinations? It's not explained. It's just people walking around with paper bags on their heads and the main character losing his mind but nothing is explained at all. They attempt an explanation between the main character and his University lead and it is just word salad with a doom dressing.

It's just not a good story line ultimately, and that's it's entire issue. It had the budget and film crew to do something really creative, the story could have been really interesting, but the director chose to be vague when it came to the plot so you simply don't care what happens by the end because you're so bored or confused.
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