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Drama | History
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24 fps
Estonian 5.1  
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100 min
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7.1 / 10 
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Directors: Elmo Nüganen [Director] ,

Movie Description:
In "1944" Director Elmo Nüganen portrays the real events on the Eastern Front in Estonia in 1944, from the Battle Of Tannenburg Line, the July fighting on the Sinim?ed Hills, until November, when the Sorve peninsula was already conquered by the Soviet Army. The war is shown through the eyes of participants in the events on both warring sides - the Estonians who fought on the side of the German Army in the 20th Estonian division Waffen-SS, and as part of the 8th Estonian Rifle Corps of the Soviet Army. For residents of Estonia it was a war in which everyone makes their own choices. It is with such hard choices facing the main characters of the film - the soldiers of the opposing sides Carl Tammik and Urey Jogi - as well as their comrades, relatives, friends and even strangers.


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Well done

A very informative movie about Estonian role in WW2, specialy for us who don't know much about it. It is well made movie, and story is nice too, one of better war movies i saw lately

Classic war reflection

Innocent people continue to blame themselves, and guilty people are at ease. Every nation 's memories of war are always different, and Estonia interprets war without solution with helplessness and absurdity. The microscopic tactical scenes are realistic and clear, which is better than ordinary war films. However, the macro perspective is really weird when switching from the German side in the first half to the Red Army in the second half, and then inserting the gentle military and civilian fish and water patterns, the rhythm is a bit bad.The director's skillful technique makes this story fascinating, full of tension, silent emotion and full of silent anger, and the narrative with a relentless accusation.

Fine One

If one wants to watch good war movies he should look out for Scandinavian or Eastern Europe productions - war movies from there of course got not the big budget of Hollywood blockbusters but beat them easy - they are far more realistic, got better characters and more interesting stories to tell. 1944 is one of those movies: it tells us the story of Estonian soldiers fighting the Sowjets - and against Estonians fighting on the side of the Red Army. Action scenes and acting are good, the story too. Beats Dunkirk and 1917 and such Hollywood overpraised stuff easy - of course no Brad Pitt or Tom Hardy around who beat single-handed a battalion of enemies. Good.
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