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Claes Bang (THE SQUARE) stars as Joseph Piller in this captivating dramatic thriller set just after WWII - an all but forgotten true story - about a soldier investigating renowned Dutch artist Han van Meegeren, played by Guy Pearce (LA CONFIDENTIAL), who is accused of conspiring with the Nazis. Despite mounting evidence, Piller becomes increasingly convinced of Han's innocence and finds himself in the unlikely position of fighting to save the life of the colorful man with a mysterious past. The film also features Vicky Krieps (PHANTOM THREAD).


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Well made and interesting

This is a very interesting (real) story that I at least did not know absolutely anything about and it was well worth told. The movie is very well made and although the only actor I regognized was Guy Pearce, everyone in it made a terribly good job. I recommend it highly.

Historical Accuracy??

How historically accurate is this, at times, humorous recounting of one episode (Vermeer paintings) in the Nazi art confiscation quest (starting w/German museum art)? Eventually the acquisition process expanded to include art from the wealthy who coincidentally may have acquired the art through questionable means & wealth, and on & on through time. The question: Is our central character dealing w/stolen art thus helping a Nazi program or were the Nazis being scammed? If not familiar with this part of WWII history the movie was an easily watchable introduction.

Quite A Niche Movie, But Well Worth A Watch

The Last Vermeer

A niche art house movie set in Holland immediately after the last war. It was a slow burn of cat and mouse but the central performances and tight script was really quite mesmerising.

Overall this was brilliantly done, the sets were sumptuous and attention to detail was truly astounding, clearly no expense was spared.

Clearly the subject matter will not appeal to everyone, "nerdsville" for forgers lol, but hey I watched it and it held my attention. This is a perfect example of how the 40's need to be portrayed, BBC take note!

I'm going to give this a hard 7, the whole movie rested on Guy Pearce and this much undervalued actor never fails to deliver, a masterclass in characterisation and micro-gestures, and quite a glorious relief from exhausting method style.
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