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Claes Bang (THE SQUARE) stars as Joseph Piller in this captivating dramatic thriller set just after WWII - an all but forgotten true story - about a soldier investigating renowned Dutch artist Han van Meegeren, played by Guy Pearce (LA CONFIDENTIAL), who is accused of conspiring with the Nazis. Despite mounting evidence, Piller becomes increasingly convinced of Han's innocence and finds himself in the unlikely position of fighting to save the life of the colorful man with a mysterious past. The film also features Vicky Krieps (PHANTOM THREAD).


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Great performances made this watchable

It was the two main actors, Claes Bang and Guy Pearce that made this historical film a watchable event. I really enjoyed it. The film is more of a drama/thriller than a bio movie which elevates it a little better than a boring bio feature. There was a touch of humor there and there which lifted the mood a bit which I appreciated throughout the film. A good watch if you are into historical dramas or have a interest in the art world. 7 stars.

Pearce is fantastic

Interesting and intriguing story of post ww2 society in Holland .

Great acting but Pearce and others . Directed and beautifully filmed .

If you like historical dramas I would recommend this movie .

An Odd Gamble

Isn't it likely that the audience for a film about Han van Meegeren will consist, in great part, of people who recognize the name Han van Meegeren? That's why I found it most curious that the film is structured around keeping the best known fact about Han van Meegeren a secret. Whom did they expect to surprise? Only people totally ignorant of Han van Meegeren - that is, the people least likely to go see "The Last Vermeer."

There are some earlier moments that clearly foreshadow the big reveal, so maybe it wasn't supposed to be that big of a surprise. But then, why make it a surprise at all? Why not tell the audience what it already knows from the beginning, and find something else to keep its members in suspense. Because as currently told, there is little suspense at all.

It isn't an easy task to entertain an audience with a story the probable audience already knows, including how it ends. But I don't think this was the best way to do it.
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