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Directors: John Balazs [Director] ,

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After a violent home invasion leaves him in a coma and his wife deeply traumatized, a mild-mannered husband awakens to find out that one of the attackers is still on the loose. As they try to move on with their lives, one day his nearly-despondent wife spots the attacker, opening up a twisted tale of brutal revenge where all isn't as it seems.


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Rage sets a new standard for independent production

I actually couldn't tell this wasn't a professional production with a big budget. A huge credit to the team behind this Aussie indie thriller.

The way the story twists and turns kept me hooked right until the final moments. It's clever, it's thrilling, the cinematography is beautiful, you can tell every element of the film has been thought out and planned skillfully and passionately.

It's clear that this feature has been brought together by a team that are passionate about what they do but that also have the skill, dedication and drive to tackle a project that could measure up to those coming out of the big studios.

This may just be the film that makes the world pay attention to independent productions coming out of Melbourne.

Consistently emotionless

Before the 'fact', and after the 'fact', the acting and drawn out pacing of this film was tiresome to watch through. The actors lacklustre. The story deserved more from all involved. When a minor police support role outshines the main cast it's time to start over or scrap that mess.

A hidden gem deserving of a mainstream cinema slot.

So glad I stumbled across this indie film, although, it's hard to believe it has not been produced in a major film studio system especially given the special effects! Rage explores the grief process in intimate detail through a raw and confronting portrayal of a home invasion. It really feels like you are in the room as the tragic events are unfolding, so top marks need to go to the Director Johnny Balazs. Although Richard Norton delivers a classy performance which was to be expected, the standout performance in my opinion was by Hayley Beveridge who plays the character of Madeline. You can really feel her heartbreak and struggle through her psychological jail, yet she manages to come across as fierce yet delicate at the same time. What I also love about this film, is that it challenges the revenge genre, with an emotional rollercoaster which keeps you guessing throughout. Can't wait to see what this gang come up with next!
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