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Biography | Drama
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102 min
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6.9 / 10 
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Directors: Tamlin Hall [Director] ,

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Holden Layfield helps audiences through his harrowing tale in this film set in the early 1990s. After succumbing to a secret battle with mental illness, 17-year old Holden devolves from a gregarious, small-town Georgian football player to a lost, self-medicating prophet. This important film portrays the complexity of mental illness and suicide in teens, offers insight to prevention, and opens the door to conversation about this difficult but critical community concern.


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A thoughtful look at schizophrenia with some interesting information. Matthew Fahey does a good job of acting in the lead.

Is somebody cutting onions?

This one hit me pretty hard, because I can relate to it very well.I'm sure you read the title and description, now you want to know what people think about it.. well, what are you waiting for? Go watch it.
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