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Action | Adventure
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72 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Maxwell Atoms [Director] ,

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While there, Shaggy unwittingly pulls out Excalibur from a nearby stone to cut a block of cheese and now no one is sure who the rightful ruler is. The legendary wizard, Merlin, appears and explains that the throne of Camelot must be determined through TRIAL BY COMBAT. Our heroes pull out all the stops to try and win the tournament, break the witch's hold on King Arthur, and find a way back to the present in this legendary story of Scooby Doo in King Arthur's Court.


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  • Scooby-Doo! The Sword and the Scoob (2021) - Movie Scene 1

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Scooby is back

Finnaly not man bashing and etc just a simple sxooby movie. Much better than 13 ghost and the theatrical movie.We did however enjoy the Halloween movie. But this one is much better

Love It

When you have being watching Scooby-Doo since you were a kid, you really wait for the next new movie.I loved this movie so much. The story was different, I liked the characters, the location, everything.You can really guess what's this movie is about in the first 15 min but you really enjoy the ride.


Warner Bros is no longer original, which bothers me. The problem is that they don't wanna be original anymore, and they continue to make garbage that totally lacks the Scooby Doo essence. I didn't even watch the movie, because I knew that it'll be another lost hour. Seriously, Scooby Doo travelling back in time meeting with the Kights of the Round Table characters?! Where's the SD essence? I don't recommend this movie!
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