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Biography | Comedy
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108 min
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7.6 / 10 
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Directors: Marcel Barrena [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Ramón Arroyo is a man who lives in Bilbao (Basque Country, north to Spain) with his wife Inma working as CEO in an important company with friends and job partners as Mario. But his daily life ends when one day he wakes up to find himself briefly paralyzed, being unable to stand up from the bed. Trying to know what happens, Inma and Ramón go to the hospital, where the revelation couldn't be worse: Ramón is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a muscular degeneration that progressively will stop any movement of his body, leaving him in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Starting a treatment in the hospital to minimize the symptoms, where he meets other patients with a more advanced state of the disease, Inma has her own troubles due her father Manolo, who has tried commit suicide in his country house where he lives alone after the death of his wife and Inma's mother. Moving Manolo to the city to live with them, things complicate by the so much bad relation between Ramón and Manolo, ...


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I loved it. Just watch it and you will understand.

Unbelievable true story, acting was great.

Great and fantastic movie

This is the first film that does me doing leave a comment, because it is about the aspirations and loyalty with yourself. Fantastic guionist

Deeply touched by this movie!

Having my own health issues, seeing sport as a way to get through them, I have been deeply touched by this story. Beyond the triathlon idea, and beyond the multiple sclerosis, the feelings shared by the characters of the movie with the others make this a great movie. And as this is based on a true story, you have got to watch it!
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