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Biography | Drama
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Directors: Franco Zeffirelli [Director] ,

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The beginning of the thirteenth century, the town of Assisi in Italian Umbria. The son of a rich merchant, Francesco Bernardone, comes back ill from war. In his delirium, he goes back in his memories to the days when he spent time on parties and carnal pleasures. Yet, the shadow of the cross that he sees in fever brings an end to his old life. The armor which he calls "my death mask" appears to be his final clothing of the old human. He slowly recovers, but after the illness there is not the Francesco that was known to everybody any longer. Instead of spending hours in taverns, he spends them on meadows, instead of drinking, he meditates the beauty of God's creatures. Once, he encounters a ruined little church. There, from the old cross, Christ changes his life forever. Francesco renounces the riches, his family and starts to rebuild the Church as "il Poverello - the poorest of the poor." Soon, he gathers many people who are willingly built into a powerful new Spiritual Temple. Will ...


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great and family friendly movie!

Donovan delivers a great soundtrack in this inspiring and beautiful movie about Saint Francis of Assisi, Italy. it doesn't tell the whole story; only until the moment when Francis meats the Pope who considers Francis' order as acceptable to the church. hope our pope Francis one day watches that movie and feels inspired by it.

Touching rendering of St-Francis of Assisi life

This movie was a cult favourite in a repertory movie house in Montreal in the 70s. I understood why when I saw it on DVD format.

As we know Franco Zeffirelli, he did great with either Shakespeare flicks (Romeo and Juliet among others) or Jesus of Nazareth, nor he did not so with Endless Love.

This time he succeeded with the rendering of Francis of Assisi's life.

Back from the war, wounded emotionally, Francisco found peace by seeing a lark on the roof, and rejecting the luxuries of his father's business. He abandoned all this to a life of poverty and sacrifice, rebuilding a sanctuary with some friends who joined him on the way, including Clare, a former love interest of his. However, the higher clergy jealousy takes over him and his new order, Francis must ask for forgiveness to the leader of Christianity: Pope Innocent III.

With songs by Donovan and strong interpretation, beautiful photography and well written script, this is one of the best Christian stories ever told.

Now I understood why it was such a cult favourite.

One of my all time favorites!

I don't know what they could have done to make this film any better.

Graham Faulkner is perfectly cast, and Judi Bowker is the perfect Clare.

It's hard to believe that I walked out on it the first time I saw it on a double bill with "Siddhartha", another of my all time favorites. The opening scenes of warfare were violent and didn't suit my mood.

Fortunately for me, I went back into the theatre and watched this film in its entirety.

The settings are beautiful, the people are beautiful and the story makes your soul fly! See this film.

You'll be glad you did.
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