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Action | Crime
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90 min
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7.6 / 10 
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Directors: Brian Helgeland [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Porter is shot by his wife and best friend and is left to die. When he survives he plots revenge.


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Very very cool 2!

Payback essentially comes as 2 movies. Payback and Payback Straight Up.

So I'm going to write the 1 review for both movies.

They are both exceptional movies with Mel playing the anti-hero who just wants his money back.

Mel is tough and very uncompromising and its great fun to watch as he works his way through the underworld. This is the problem when the guy you pay to do your dirty work decides you are his next job!

The 2 films, one a directors cut, are incredibly different in feel, style, setting and even ending and both of them are well worth a watch!

Does not work for me. Not by a bit

I do love original Payback. I have expected this version to be extended and improved - like Aliens Directors Cut. Unfortunately this is not this case. The movie is significantly different both in story and overall feeling.

The original movie is hard, but somewhat lighthearted and funny. In this version there is no Porters internal wisecracking. The good soundtrack is missing too, this one is very generic. It does not feel like clever noir comic anymore, it is more like dark, grim, simple crime movie. There is no internal reasoning, Porter just walks around and shoots.

I really do not like this cut and especially the ending which is basically dumb. It is a great thing this was not released to the cinema, because it is just a very bland, very basic and boring story. By "boring" I mean I just stopped the movie in the half and watch the the second half the other day. I should probably let it be unwatched, because the alternate ending is just disgraceful in its simplicity.

Extended scenes do not help the movie much. If they just added those and left the original ending and feeling and Porters wisecracking, I would be OK with that. Unfortunately as I have learned, THIS was supposed to be the original movie, which is quite a shocker for me. If this is true, we should just be grateful the studio decided to convert this plain, dark story into the theatrical cut, which is simply brilliant.

Same movie, but mostly worse.

It absolutely the same film for most part, there is one scene removed from original and few small chunks added throughout and most importantly the last 30 minutes are completely changed for the worse. Original ending felt a lot more cinematic and realistic than this one. The best thing are the music and colour pallete are changed to the much better.
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