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7.7 / 10 
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Directors: Waymon Boone [Director] ,

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It is based on true events. It is about a true 'love at first sight' romance. Jan and Steve are driving along and talking about their future after retirement when tragedy strikes. Jan starts to recall how they met and how they had to fight her father's dislike of her dating a soldier. The story flips from past to present and shows that true love does last a lifetime; even when confronted by heartbreaking tests. It also shows that, when tragedy happens, a family's faith and love can help them to move on.


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Good Story Bad acting

The Acting of Caylee is worse :(In Philippines we call it "Pa cute" not acting. sorry

This is lovingly done...

Anyone who has experienced loss will understand this film and the emotions in it. Very well played, and it was very easy to follow the story, considering a lot was done through flashbacks. And Yes, a tear was shed.

Heartbreaking but very good

Forever Love is based on true events and {WOW} it was good.Flips back and fort from when they fell in love to the present but is is done with great execution, Not hard to follow like some that does it. Yes I highly Recommend it James Welch Henderson, Arkansas 1/31/2021
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