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89 min
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9.2 / 10 
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Directors: LazRael Lison [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Kevin and Jasmine who, as two teenagers with equal passion for each other's dreams - his love for football and hers for music - fall head over heels in love with each other but tragedy and one horrible lapse in judgment tears them apart. Many years later, Kevin (Long) and Jasmine (Boutte), have to trust one another after their paths cross again. Is their first love strong enough for them to save each other now?


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Great Film

I love this film. Great job Master P and Romeo. Great cast, great storyline and great director. I will be watching this film again!!!

I Love it!

This movie gave me love and basketball, Love Jones feel. Good movie for the culture!

"timely" non-diverse garbage.

A dumb story about typically hypocritically dumb people doing even dumber things. garbage.
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