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90 min
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2.7 / 10 
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Directors: David Axe [Director] ,

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The Roman Empire occupied Britannia (Britain) for four centuries, providing protection and peace in exchange for submission. The Romans built Hadrian's Wall on the northern border to keep out the Picts, fierce and mysterious warriors who painted them-selves blue. But in the fifth century, the Romans left, leaving the British to fend for themselves under the leadership of King Vortigern.


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Not even worth downloading

I created an IMDB account solely to leave my thoughts on this travesty. I kept thinking it's got to get better, after reading the other reviews here, but oh boy, was I wrong.

The writing is wooden, dialog forced, emotions fake and way out of scale with the action as it unfolds. It's not even on par with a "B" slasher flick from the 80's.

There are no redeeming factors to this movie, other than noise int eh background as you do other things... :(

Don't waste your time!


When I started watching it I got a Monty Python vibe...whom I love by the way...but I really enjoyed this movie...family members as well

This is an amazing movie

I think this movie is amazing. I have been reading reviews and. It makes me sick that grown people are leaving bad reviews. On this movie. Just because they have nothing better to do then try and bring Jimmy and all the other actors in this movie down its nothing but pure hateful people being very rude and ugly for no reason Jimmy is an amazing person and has amazing acting skills so does his wife I think this movie is amazing and I don't feel as if people should be leaving anything hateful or bad about this movie at all !!
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