To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021) 720p

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To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021) bluray - Movie Poster
Comedy | Drama
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23.976 fps
English 2.0  
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109 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Michael Fimognari [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Continuing the romantic life of the teenage girl and facing her good and hard times with her friends and family.


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Come on you can't like that its soooooo boring i couldnot even finish it

not worth the watch

What tries to imitate an early 2000's teen rom-com ends up being a seriously cringeworthy downgrade from the first movie, only slightly better than the second. The slow motion montages enhance the cliched nature of the film, making it almost unbearable.

Copy/Paste Plot

I'm annoyed that it was the EXACT same plot as the last two-super cute in the beginning, a break up in the middle, and then a super cute make up at the end. Just substitute NYU for John Ambrose and you got the same movie.

I gave it a 6 because, like the other two, the cinematography, costume design, music, and actors were so damn likeable! Although, I would expect a Hollywood hair stylist to figure out extensions by now-the hair was driving me crazy.

Overall, I REALLY wanted to like this, but it just felt like I was rewatching the same movie over and over.
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