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Directors: Sofian Khan [Director] ,

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Everything you've always wanted to know about the penis, but were afraid to find out.


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Good Viewing But???

Excellent viewing. Found out a few things I didn't know like, circucism being carried out by more that one religion, and beyond 3 - 5 days, that was horrific.

What was forgotten though is, there are two sexes on this planet, and the horrific FGM (Female Genetile Mutulation) carried out on young girls; is worse than circumcision on young men.

Circumcision is performed on babies, who will never remember; FGM is performed on girls, who will never forget.

Men can still function, women have a lifetime of pain and shame, and we're supposed to be human?

Subtitles or translator required

A good third of this movie is not in English, with no interpreter. It really turned this "documentary " into even more of a waste of time.

Rise up

  • I can attest that being a man, there is really is nothing more important than your virility and alpha male dominance. It starts at an early age and continues. In the Dickumentary, Sofian Kahn takes on the challenge to fully understand the cultural, biological, and symbolism of the penis. He blends a series of questions into a mix of academic, pop culture, and humorous approach to the subject on hand. Khan does rise up to the occasion as he is able to follow a man who gets an implant, one that is well endowed, and he pros and cons of circumcision. It also delves into the iconography throughout the ages and makes for one interesting documentary. The Dickumentary is an adventure to the core of the male identity.

I viewed this movie as part of the 2015 Atlanta Film Festival.
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