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Directors: Anna Mikami [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Two teens who live the same day repeatedly, enabling them to create the titular map.


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Significantly better than expected

Movie got off to a slow start and I didn't feel any chemistry between the leads at the beginning but it developed into a poignant and very sweet story. The end was a little unhooked and didn't quite resolve things but it was still pretty enjoyable.

A familiar story put in a lovable jacket

Yes, we have seen this premise for a movie before, but it knows that. The movie knows that it's not groundbreaking stuff. It doesn't try to be something original, but it just tries to be a fun and loveable movie. The first half of the movie is just what it needs to be. It doesn't try to hide the fact that it's a time loop movie. It just has fun with the idea of being stuck in the same day. Then after some fun moments with the protagonist we meet the other character who is stuck in the loop. After that the movie just becomes very loveable. From the moment they meet I couldn't help but smile. The main actors are so good together. Their acting is also fantastic. My main problem with the movie start around the second act. What makes the movie strong is that it doesn't try to be complicated in the first half. It just shows that a story that we know can still be fun. That's exactly why I didn't like the second half as much. It tries to be more that it is and overcomplicated things. I also didn't like the storyline of everything revolves around us. At the end it just leaves me a bit disappointed after that great first half. Still a very sweet Rom-Com with amazing acting performances.

The movie did what it intended

I would write out a whole description but it really isn't needed.The movie isn't ment to be a blockbuster or anything, it's just a simple teenager story that's fun to watch. The ending could've been a little better with how it tied in but overall it was a fun watch.
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