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Action | Sci-Fi
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Directors: John Suits [Director] ,

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On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon.


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An honest review

2020 is a very bad year for the movie fanatic. If I look back at my reviews for this year there are not many positive ones among them. I saw Breach because of the cast, and yes, this might not be a good movie, it's surprisingly better then for example AVA or His House, but not as good as Monster Problems or Fatman. It seems Bruce had a pretty good idea what he got himself into, because he takes his acting not serious for 1 second. We know he can do better, just look at Die Hard. So, al dough Bruce only gave it 5%, this is still better then the rest of the cast, some of them even giving 100%. The effect are cheap, the story bland en the decor, oh boy, a cheap as it comes. The so called cryo chambers are literary a couple of planks screwed together in a very cheap and ugly way. Bruce is going the way Steven Seagal and Nickolas Cage headed, cheap B production, you can cross him of your list of actors to follow.

Even spoilers can't ruin it

Just watch the trailer, much better than the movie.

Did Bruce have to pay his taxes?

We all need to do stuff sometimes because we have to. I'm thinking one of several things are going on here. 1. Bruce needed money to pay his taxes. 2. He needed a loss to write off. 3. He owed someone. 4. He did someone a favour. 5. He lost a bet. 6. He signed this contract when he was drunk. 7. Someone held a gun to his head. It has to be one of those because there is no way, Bruce "action star" Willis, would look at this script and say.."Hey! this is the best, can't wait to put my name on it!" What an absolute load of cow manure! Bruce should buy up all copies, burn them; put a full page ad in the Times apologizing to his fans, friends, fellow actors, family and unborn grandchildren as well as give us all refunds! Utter garbage!!!!... sorry Bruce, I'm only telling you this because I've loved you since Moonlighting... I'm also probably not saying anything you didn't already know about this movie.
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