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Space Sweepers (2021) - Movie Poster
Action | Adventure
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23.976 fps
Korean 2.0  
Run Time:
136 min
IMDB Rating:
6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Sung-hee Jo [Director] ,

Movie Description:
In the year 2092, space is full of dangerous floating garbage like discarded satellites and deserted spaceships. The crew of The Victory travels through space looking for the garbage they can make money off, while also competing with junk collector ships from other countries and using the speediness of their craft to defeat their rivals.


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7.5 fun old fashioned space romp

Korea makes 80s movies with top notch cgi and practical effects

The story is pretty dumb, with plot and physics holes wide enough to drive a space station through, but its a refreshing kind of dumb that plays pathos, honor, humor, spectacle and action well.

there's no woke agenda, no ideological lecturing. Just a straight up white man evil dude and a highly diverse female led crew to oppose him. oh, ok, fairly woke. Maybe the lack of emotional gurning, talking about feelings and lectures on the badness of the evil white men differentiates it from the current crop of US made rubbish.

At any rate, its fun. subtitles is a must if you are not poly lingual as there's at least 4 languages in this (that i recognized, maybe more)

Dear Koreans, well done!

A very amusing space adventure with interesting characters. Very colorful, but not too much, with a little bit of "underground" style. Great compliments to the little actress Ye-Rin Park whose character is a real refreshment to the movie. Too bad the final part of this movie isn't quite that good (the space battle is too long and chaotic, and the main villain could have been a stronger character). In spite of everything, dear Koreans, well done!


Great fun space fantasy that tugs at the heart strings (well it tries to). Cheesy but great fun. Great characters, solid CGI and fair plot.

Not to be taken seriously but good escapist entertainment.

Well done Netflix.
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