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History | Horror
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4.8 / 10 
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Directors: Neil Marshall [Director] ,

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Evelyn, a young widow haunted by the recent suicide of her husband Joseph, is falsely accused of being a witch by her Landlord after she rejects his advances.


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The reason cinema is dying is people are allowed to make bad films like this.

I was really keen to see this but Wow what a mess. Firstly it's meant to be the 1700's but it looks like it was shot yesterday at a mock medieval town with a group of locals dressed up in hired costumes . Absolutely no atmosphere or grading to give it a 'feel' then comes the acting . You will know the quality of it in the first two minute opening sequence. The lead actress is just awful , utterly unbelievable whither she is trying to drag a sword across the ground or being tortured. Also she looks like she has just stepped out of the make-up truck in every scene. The script is almost no existent just shouts of Witch, she's a witch , go on get her.... Poor Sean Pertwee did his best but can not save it . And finally the music . Clearly not composed for the film just bought the rights to some medieval / dramatic stuff and laid it over the top. Truly there are 100 better fan made films on YouTube, made with more care and attention then this.

I reckon, you've wasted our time

God, what a poor experience this film is! Set in 1665 England, the year of the Great Plague, the film is dreary, low budget and filmed in such darkness most of the time that it might as well be a black-and-white. The characters and action is so cliché, too, greedy landowner hits on hot farm-girl widow, she rebuffs him, and he declares her a witch! Really? Was this written by a moron?! There's just no way ANY of this happened back then, or any time. And Charlotte Kirk as Grace Haverstock, the farm-girl widow. She's WAAAYYY too hot for this character. Women back then in old England, during The Great Plague, were nasty looking, with bad dentals, so this film is just all kinds of wrong, bad writing and directing. Just add it to the Covid-era pile of rubbish out back.

3 Stars

Not very impressed with this.

A woman is accused of witchcraft while struggling in the aftermath of her husband committing suicide.

This story, setting and effects need some work. I assume this is a film that had a smaller budget but some of the small things that bugged me didn't seem like they would've been too much of an expense. Let's start with how incredibly clean this supposed plague infested town was. Sure, there were some corpses here and there and there were rats but the streets were clean, the establishments were clean and it just totally lacked realism. Where were the wagon and horse worn, muddy streets? Where was the hay, dirt and come to think of it why were the rats so clean? Why was our main actress's face always impeccable? I'm sorry but I just take issue with these things. On terms of all it lacked in this regard, it seemed more like I was watching a stage play.

The effects were CGI stuff and, well, you could tell it.

I wanted to like this so much more but it just fell really short of being worth a lot of investment. The only thing that makes me give it 3 Stars is the fact that I have seen worse.
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