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110 min
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Directors: Fisher Stevens [Director] ,

Movie Description:
An ex-convict strikes up a friendship with a boy from a troubled home.


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Movie for far left

Great movie of you love the agenda of left. Other than that it's hard to watch. Slow, predictable, and boring.

Predictable and not entertaining

Follows the formula that most white people are variations of bad, with the cops being the worst. The only good people are the excon (Timberlake), the LGBTQ young boy, and the teacher and janitor that happen to be black. The acting is decent throughout but the actors are held back by the terrible script and all of the contrived situations. The plots seems like it was following a lifetime channel checklist for a sappy story. A southern setting? Check. Excon who has a big heart and just made a mistake when he was young? Check. A trailer trash meth addict mom? Check. Intolerant cops, church goers, and employers? Check. Incompetent social workers? Check.

This movie fails to impress. The viewer keeps expecting something interesting to happen, but it just drones on.


I am pretty damn sure many can relate here and it's worth watching in your cozy place and just perfect for binge watching. It got me so emotional with the story of this movie, might as well the actors are fantastic. Justin Timberlake was amazing! that young actor Ryder Allen is wonderfully made for this film, and oh yeah, Juno Tempe my favorite, she never gets old and she's really good!
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