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Drama | History
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105 min
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6.1 / 10 
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Directors: Tun Fei Mou [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Story of a Japanese terror camp in the end of WW2, where the Japanese are using the Chinese as guinea pigs in terrible experiments to develop deadly bacterial-plagues.


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Chinese crap propaganda

I dont understand the rating of this movie? Its utter crap, and if you just have an ounce of iq , you can see its nothing more than chinese crap propaganda. And the way japanese soliders proposedly treated the chinese, is nothing compared to how the chinese treat there own population and how they treat the tibetans. According to a UN report regarding the adoption of its Tibetan resolution in 1965, "The Chinese occupation of Tibet has been characterised by acts of murder, rape and arbitrary imprisonment; torture and cruel, inhuman and degraded treatment of Tibetans on a large scale. This movie is deeply hypocritical.

You won't enjoy this film but still watch it.

This film is very heavy, full of gore, torture and suffering. If it was a curry (the hotter the gorier) it is the phaal; certainly not one for those with a weak stomach. Snow is meant to untainted and pure white. In Men behind the Sun it is a torture device. What was once a carpet of untouched white is scarred with crimson Children, babies, women, men and animals are tortured in this film. If you have sensitivities towards any of these groups then please avoid this film. If you can't handle very graphic images that are relentless throughout the film then don't watch it either. There is no light relief. This film shows how desire to win a war turns the human heart into ice.

So who do I recommend this film to? To be honest I can't think of anything beside those with a high gore tolerance. You won't enjoy this film and it was never meant to be. Every torture scene is not art, it is a stake warning. This kind of thing happened once and could happen again. How I wish I had the ability to delete certain scenes from my mind after watching. Despite this I don't regret viewing the thing. On the contrary, it isn't just a mindless gorefest with no purpose other than to titillate and stun the audience. It is beautifully shot and the acting of the large cast is realistic. Like other reviewers have said 'one viewing is enough'. This film will live with you for a long time.

Truly terrifying

Many of you who's found your way to this page on IMDb, probably already know pretty much what you're getting yourself into. It's terrible, horrifying, sickening, disgusting yet well-made, well- acted and well-directed. It's truly a unique movie, and I can appreciate all the things it does oh so right. If you're looking for something that can show you the ugly side of war or human beings, then you've found it - this is the real deal, and makes Schindler's List look like a day at the theme park in comparison.

But I gotta say, that this is too much. While everything that's being showed doesn't feel out of place or bad in any way, this is not why I go watch movies - it made me depressed and made me feel HORRIBLY bad after I watched it. While the truth of war and reality of things can work in movies, it doesn't work here - it goes beyond whatever we call entertainment or even film, and becomes a document of the most disgusting events you can imagine. If you're a moviegoer like me who appreciates good movies and well done ones, I can't recommend this to you.

If you're just looking for something shocking and grossed out, well, this is probably for you. But damn man, I'm telling you, be READY for what to come. I expected it to affect me, but not this much. It's not so much the events that makes the film horrible - which many reviewers makes it look like - but the overall feeling of authenticity and complete darkness and depression. If this film wouldn't be so damn well-made it'd probably just be another forgotten world war 2-movie.

I've been trying my limits for a long time now, seeing "the worst there is to see" and never really being content or felt that my limit was reached. Well, now it is, and I've frankly had enough. Seeing blood and guts are fine compared to the truly depressed and sickening feeling I had after watching this.

To sum the movie review up: After I saw it I couldn't eat for a week. If that's something you're looking for, then you'll be one pleased movie-goer, but if you're like me and still value the little peace you have in your body, then stay away.
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