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Drama | Sport
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85 min
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5.3 / 10 
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Directors: Anthony Palma [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Gail had her tenth birthday party tonight, but her Dad was not there. She loves her dad, and he loves her. He had told her he was bringing her a special present, so why was he so late? Gail thought she knew what the present was; it must be that special custom pool cue she had wanted. Dad must have stopped to pick it up on his way home from work; maybe he stopped at Vicky's billiards to shoot a few games of 9-ball and lost track of time? Gail looks at the posters of the great women pool champions on her wall, Dorothy Wise and Jean Balukas and smiles. A screech of tires outside shakes Gail's attention to the street. As Gail quickly opens her window, she sees a car speed up and stop next to her Dad, as he staggers up the street holding a long package under his arm. Gail waves to her Dad, he smiles, waves back, and blows her a kiss. A man jumps out of the car, runs up to Gail's Dad and stabs him in the chest and yells in his face "Dirty dogs must die!" Gail races to her Dad's side. As he ...


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Just so Bad ....

It's a shame that a film could be produced that is truly this bad.writing, acting, editing, every possible film production categoryis amateurish.... not even high school film production levels.

it does a disservice to all who love this game/sport...!!

Film for high school juveniles

I watched this film because I watch pro pool on YouTube and have enjoyed watching Jennifer Barretta play, so I was curious. Although her performance was fine, and it was interesting to see the brief cameo appearances with Jeannette Lee and Allison Fisher, everything else about this movie was worse than amateurish. The story was the kind that a couple of high school guys would come up with, shockiingly simplistic, with stock stereotype over-the-top good guys and bad guys, completely unconvincing, unrealistic and pathetically acted. The characters were one-dimensional wooden figures - nitty-gritty losers of the Martin Scorsese type but utterly uninteresting. When I watched the credits at the end, which were extensive, I thought, what a waste, to put so much effort for such a puerile, weak result.

9 ball

Well it's NOT "color of money" LOL. the acting was high school . sorry but I won't say anymore, but waste of my money and time
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