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Directors: C.M. Pennington-Richards [Director] ,

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The marketing department of a pharmaceutical company decides to enlist a dentist to endorse its brand of toothpaste although they would be struck off for doing so. They hire two recent graduates who find themselves tied into a contract they failed to read. Having decided that the product is rubbish, the graduates set about developing a new, better toothpaste which they consider worthy of being struck off for.


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Easy going 60's comedy

There were two styles of British comedy in the 50's/60's, the wonderful Ealing comedies and the pretty awful, but watchable Carry on Films. This is more reminiscent of a Carry on, indeed the music score is almost identical, though the comedy is better. Bob Monkhouse also starred in the very first Carry on movie, Carry on Sergeant; and Shirley Eaton was literally the Golden Girl in James Bond's Goldfinger.

He's a dentist so we can't show you his face

Bob Monkhouse, a 1950s heart-throb, is a graduate dentist, who together with his friend is hired by a toothpaste company to sell their product. In the origin of the Oral B myth, they are threatened with being struck off the dentists's register if they are involved with advertising. They come up with a new toothpaste with the worrying ingredient "luminous thymol" and get the idea to advertise it with a new Anglo-American satellite launched conveniently close to a TV station. This fairly tedious Hanna-Barbera style plot comprises the majority of the film. Much more interesting ideas are simply discarded presumably to appeal to the middle school market.In an early scene, there is a shot of a Morris Minor lowlight.

Lady Chatterley's loofah

Is one of the more memorable throw-away lines in this follow-up to DENTIST IN THE CHAIR. Squeezing some fun out of toothpaste sums up both plot and the general level of humour. Has a more professional look than its predecessor and Bob Monkhouse seems more at home, but the set-pieces such as the disastrous attempt to make a commercial go for nothing. With the always reliable Eric Barker in a dual role, Kenneth Connor with his impersonations and funny voices and Shirley Eaton providing the glamour it's less painful than it might have been. Includes a glimpse at the then popular quiz show Take Your Pick with Michael Miles, which I find infinitely funnier than many comedies of the day.
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