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Directors: Claudio Fragasso [Director] ,

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A woman goes back to the island where her parents were killed. They had been working on a cure for cancer and accidentally raised the dead by angering a voodoo priest. With the woman is a group of mercenaries and they meet up with some other researchers. They raise the dead again and all hell breaks loose.


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Only confirmed bad zombie movie addicts should try this one

A word of advice to anyone who couldn't get through the endearing badness of Zombi 3--go no further! Zombie 4: After Death is much worse. Let's just say that whenever neon laser effects turn up in a zombie movie my level 5 crap alert goes off. Zombie 4 somehow lacks the elements that made Zombi 3 entertaining and comes off as boring--and the worst thing a bad movie can do is be boring. A cute girl vacationing with some soldiers-for-hire (don't ask, I don't know either--maybe she's an A-Team groupie?) returns to an island she escaped from as a child. In the back story we see her scientist family upset a voodoo priest and he proceeded to wipe out the whole island in a fit. Of course the zombies are still there and the group quickly gets know the rest. A little statue necklace that looks like the one Peter wears in the Brady Bunch in Hawaii episode figures into it somehow, but whatever it was supposed to do fails miserably as none of the girl's lame attempts at recalling the dead ever work. Only confirmed bad zombie movie addicts should try this one. Or fans of weird mercenaries with very bad teeth and Village People mustaches; I do believe this had one of the strangest looking casts I've seen in a while!

Vastly Under-appreciated Italian Zombie Film

What do you get if you mix an island of scientists, a voodoo witch doctor, zombies... and then open the third door to Hell (apparently neglecting the fact that Fulci had already opened all seven doors)? Well, you get "After Death".

The first thing you'll notice about this film is the 80s metal soundtrack thrown together by Alberto Festa (including his song, repeated throughout the film, "Living After Death"). Not unlike other 80s Italian horror films, this seems to make sense even though it really doesn't.

The second thing you'll notice is that this film features gay porn star Jeff Stryker. (Unless, of course, you don't know gay porn stars... then you won't notice at all.)

This film is greatly under-appreciated by audiences, I fear. I loved it, and it seems that the hardcore fans of Italian horror do, too, despite the general agreement that this film fails. Jim Harper says the film features "fast-paced, sharply edited action scenes that rely heavily on excessive gore", and despite the fact "the story is patently absurd" the film is "gruesome enough to please gorehounds." Likewise, Jay Slater praises the film when he says the picture is "a blast of energy, rippling with violent action and awash with gore", an "energetic splatter picture in the spirit of Herschell Gordon Lewis" This is absolutely right. While trying to pass itself off as a sequel to "Dawn of the Dead", it has much more in common with Lamberto Bava's "Demons". The splatter effects and rock music make it perfect for this series.

Director Claudio Fragasso laments that the most intense gore had been stripped by the censors. He also insists that the "special effects were all made laboriously by hand", which I think pays off -- most of the zombies are remarkable. What gore was cut is unknown to me... it's already a fairly gory picture as is... to increase it would make this one for the record books.

If you only know Fragasso from the "best worst movie" "Troll 2" or don't know his work at all, this is a fine introduction. Taking the zombie jungle island formula many others have used and mixing it with the gore and colorful blood of Lamberto Bava, "After Death" is a film worth catching, and at least for me, owning.

I worked on this film!

I would like to thank all who left comments here, good or bad.After all publicity of any kind is good publicity! For those of you who enjoyed the film, I have a blog where i am working on a book called Fish Heads and Rice. I have written a short story about the behind the scenes of Zombie 4 - After death. It was fun to work on this film, and I am sure a lot of viewers found it funny to watch. None of us had a script to work from, but what the heck, when you know you will be probably be dubbed in another language you don't really care. It was the only film of the Horror genre that I have ever worked on. I wish i could do another one as these are a real gas to do!

If you are bored and want a funny read, please do visit! Thanks to you all!
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