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Crime | Drama
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6.0 / 10 
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Directors: Eric Nicholas [Director] ,

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Alone With Her is the harrowing story of a disturbed young man's attempts to win the affections of an unsuspecting young woman. When Doug (Colin Hanks) first sees Amy (Ana Claudia Talancón), he instantly falls for her and begins to watch her every move, going so far as to set up spy cameras in her apartment. However, as his fascination grows into obsession he's no longer satisfied with just watching.


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Done for Harvey Weinstein Gratification

This movie was dull and predictable. About the only highlight was you get to see Ana Claudia Talancón naked a couple of times which is why I suspect the movie was done, so Harvey Weistein could get his chance with her. She hasn't come out as one of his victims yet, probably only a matter of time.

Unsettling and Atmospheric

Where The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity used their found footage format to enhance the scares rather than hinder them, Alone with Her utilizes its style to create a suspenseful stalker thriller, even if it hits all the familiar genre beats. Alone with Her is shown from various hidden cameras inside a young woman's house that were set up by a stalker. There are also video cameras attached to him making you the stalker. Nothing about Alone with Her should be terribly surprising to even a casual viewer, but the way the cameras are set up can lead to some really unsettling images. This is a very character- driven suspense film. It's subtle and doesn't rely on elaborate chase scenes or convoluted plot twists. Alone with Her may not

Standout performance from Ana Claudia Talancon in this found footage thriller

Doug, played by Colin Hanks, goes out one day with a camcorder looking for a woman to follow. He settles on Amy, played by Ana Claudia Talancon, first by following her around everywhere she goes, then by setting up her whole apartment with hidden cameras.

He watches her every move, from showering to sexually abusing her hair brush, and uses the information he gleans from his surveillance to insinuate himself into her life.

This is not an original but yet interesting premise that plays itself out as one would expect. Hanks is competent in his role, and Talancon is a standout. The problem is that not enough tension and suspense are built to have the end payoff be enough for this movie to get a really good rating from me.

This is still a decent effort, and worth a watch for fans of found footage thrillers.
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