The Slit (1996) 1080p

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The Slit (1996) 1080p - Movie Poster
Frame Rate:
24 fps
German 2.0  
Run Time:
75 min
IMDB Rating:
6 / 10 
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Directors: Christoph Schlingensief [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Africa - Land of the ever-shining sun, German soldiers fulfilling a U.N. mission. For General Brenner a dream comes true: Here, where the people are simple, the German can prove his abilities. But then the virgin wife of Brenner gives birth to her first child. Is it the new Messiah? But what is a Messiah good for if the U.N. is already there?


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I haven't really seen it

I really cannot give this a score of note, partly because I haven't really seen it but mainly because it looks so dreadful, so infantile and so crass that I could not sit through more than the opening and some fast forwarding with my remote.

There are established actors (to their seeming shame) here in this mess but there are also seemingly innocent Africans being used simply for laughs and cheap filler.

I am clearly being most unfair to score a film I haven't watched through to ascertain whether I am mistaken in my assumptions but, you know, life is too short to even find out.

A film like no other!

A totally deranged movie starring Udo Kier and Kitten Natividad, this one founds itself sitting on a shelf while distributors ran a mile! If you want a better idea of the basic theme of the story, refer to the other user review available for you here. I would just like to say that this film remains unavailable (to my knowledge) anywhere in the world except for maybe Germany, where my screener tape is from. The reasons for this are that the film is a depraved, high-camp, grim and mercilessly bad taste film about a big-breasted nympho who gives birth to a negro-dwarf that has a vagina in the top of it's head that ejaculates! The dwarf-offspring's name? Jesus Peter Pan!!!!! Full of extreme imagery and sickening sexual deviance, it is a trash connoisseur's wet dream! No wonder it never found a release! Udo Kier recently expressed his shock that i had even heard of the film let alone managed to own a copy. According to Mr.Kier, the film was so contentious that distributors were afraid of picking it up and hit almost killed his career as well as the careers of all who worked on it! Apparently, many people were not amused with the film... I don't know why!

lives up to it's title completely

Saw this movie at the Filmfestival in Rotterdam, years and years back. I must admit: I've remembered the title and some of the scenes. That had to do with the quality of the pic, but not in the way the director hopes to be remembered. My thoughts at the time: what the *##*** IS this??!! and Why do people invest time and money in something so horrible?! Like 90% of all the other visitors, we left after 20 minutes.
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