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Teenager Danny Masters, the son of the late Harry Masters, considered the second best escape artist in history, wants to follow in his father's footsteps, he already a skilled but untested magician. As far as Danny knows, his father died in a dangerous escape routine. Escaping from under his grandmother's roof, Danny, in a step to achieve his goal as they have all his father's old professional paraphernalia, reunites with his Aunt Sibyl and Uncle Burke in the town of Harding where they have a mind-reading act, she who actually can read minds but which only impinges on the smoke and mirrors they've developed with the act itself. In his wanderings around Harding, Danny gets involved with corrupt Stu Qui?ones, and indirectly with Stu's equally corrupt father, the town's mayor, Leon Qui?ones. This father/son pair no longer associate with each other as although Stu aspires to be as corrupt as his father, Stu's activities are a little too brazen and public for a politician with which to ...


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Plot a Little Cloudy

Danny Masters (Griffin O'Neal) is the son of an escape artist and wants to follow in his footsteps. When he grifts the wallet of the mayor's son, Stu (Raul Julia), he puts himself in the middle of something much larger.

Where this movie succeeded:

The magic tricks (if you like magic).Raul Julia, his character was interesting

Where this movie failed:

The lack of clarity of the plot. Even by the end it was unclear what Danny had done, why he had done it, and what its magnitude was. The only thing that was clear was that the mayor and his appointees were crooked. How crooked and what they were into is unclear.

Surprisingly good movie. Engrossing.

I watched this movie 37 years or so after it was made - and I was really surprised. This was not what I was expecting at all. This film boasts a clever, innovative and engrossing story and great performances by the two lead actors - Raul Julia and Griffin O'Neal. I don't know where Griffin O'Neal's career went after this, but he deserved to do well. Interesting to see the participation of Desi Arnez and Jackie Coogan. It struck me that it was interesting seeing Jackie Coogan, the original Uncle Fester, doing a scene with Raul Julia, who went on to play the movies' Gomez Addams. This really is a very enjoyable movie and I'm happy to recommend it.

"You know escape is only good if it's dangerous".

Danny Masters is the teenage son of the late Harry Masters "The Greatest Escape Artist in the world, after Houdini". He leaves home to join his Uncle and Aunty, fellow magicians. He wants to follow in his father's steps and he's not that far behind him in doing so, even though his father died what he loved doing. One day while visiting a magic shop he meets the town's Mayor's neurotic adult son Stu, where a strange relationship begins, as Danny and Stu decide to create the ultimate escape, but are Danny's talents being exploited, or does he not care.

The theme at hand is engaging just thinking about it and "The Escape Artist" (which is adapted off David Wagoner's novel) is an enjoyably offbeat and wondrously moody drama with some splendid performances. Griffin O'Neal is fitting as the lead and Raul Julia is eccentrically good. The chemistry dynamics between the two demonstrates laughs, but also excitement as it remains unpredictable. There's charming support by Teri Garr, Joan Hackett, Gabriel Dell, Elizabeth Daily and Jackie Coogan. Then there are the likes of Desi Arnaz, M. Emmet Walsh and a minor, but comically good John P. Ryan. Never really heard of it before, but I was pulled in by its charm and mystic with a nice blend of witty humour between the characters and tension within some of the magic tricks. Sure it's a kid's film at heart, but the playful story does have its sombre moments and numerous smokescreen developments. Melissa Mathison (who was behind "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial") pens the screenplay, where it's sharply pitched and ambitious despite some shady details and plenty going on. Even the imagery stands out at times with imaginative touches and perfect timing in its performances and poignant direction.
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