You May Be Pretty, But I Am Beautiful: The Adrian Street Story (2019) 1080p

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You May Be Pretty, But I Am Beautiful: The Adrian Street Story (2019) 1080p - Movie Poster
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8.4 / 10 
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Directors: Joann Randles [Director] ,

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Before David Bowie and Boy George there was Adrian! An iconic British cult icon that went on to even inspire audiences internationally, even the look of Elton John and Marc Bolan! So prepare, for an unconventional true story like no other! A story that will not only inspire, but captivate and leave you believing anything is possible if you put your mind to it - with some added glitter of course! Set between the 50s and 70's, the film will span Street's life, dreams and career. From his humble beginnings in Brynmawr to rebelling against his coal mining family and running away from his Welsh home and rise to international success and stardom as wrestler Adrian the Exotic. Adrian, was certainly a competitor that was not to be reckoned with. His controversial ways continued to spur on success after success only retiring from wrestling in 2014. From his humble beginnings in Wales and the coal mines to international success and fame, Adrian's story is one of true determination against the ...


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Over-rated because of the emotion - not that good

This Doco has been over-rated IMO becausae of the subject matter. And he has been misinterpreted IMO as well. The quality is not that good - disjointed and not that clear about the story - too much glamour and not enough substance. Adrian was a trailblazer no doubrt, but he did all that as a marketing gimmick. And it worked so well because of who he was, and that he was a natural. But overall I think they could have done a much better if it wasnt so much about emotion and 'empowerment', and was more about the substance of the story. A recent film about Elton John also failed because of the same approach.

Inspiring, raw and Adrian's story spoken by the man himself.

Watched this with my partner over the Christmas break. We had no idea who Adrian was but wanted to watch as I had read about it in Slam Wrestling review and it was recommended. If you love glam rock and wrestling you really will enjoy this. Adrian's music is the soundtrack throughout and is really just a down to earth insight into his career, spoken by the man himself. From what we've read, Adrian worked very closely on the documentary and approved it so everything that is in it is authentic. It's not a high budget production, but if you love genuine stories of remarkable people then this should be on your 2021 playlist. There's no hollywood pizzaz or nonsense. Just a real, raw, inspirational documentary as it should be.

An Extremely Interesting Insight

This gave me an insight in to a world I've never been exposed to. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish!
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