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Directors: Joann Randles [Director] ,

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Before David Bowie and Boy George there was Adrian! An iconic British cult icon that went on to even inspire audiences internationally, even the look of Elton John and Marc Bolan! So prepare, for an unconventional true story like no other! A story that will not only inspire, but captivate and leave you believing anything is possible if you put your mind to it - with some added glitter of course! Set between the 50s and 70's, the film will span Street's life, dreams and career. From his humble beginnings in Brynmawr to rebelling against his coal mining family and running away from his Welsh home and rise to international success and stardom as wrestler Adrian the Exotic. Adrian, was certainly a competitor that was not to be reckoned with. His controversial ways continued to spur on success after success only retiring from wrestling in 2014. From his humble beginnings in Wales and the coal mines to international success and fame, Adrian's story is one of true determination against the ...


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Just wonderful and a fantastic insight to a wrestling, pop culture hero.

This documentary is a fantastic insight into a trendsetter who I fondly remember watching from the days of World of Sport, who went on to make his mark in the U.S.. Not to be confused with WWE's Adrian Adonis, Adrian Street was before Adonis and was a totally independent British wrestler who's legacy went on to inspire WWE as we know it today. Thats what makes this documentary special. Adrian didn't wrestle for WWE yet this man along with Miss Linda achieved so much, breaking barriers and they truly were at the forefront wrestling industry. I watched the documentary via YouTube Rentals, thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend for both wrestling and non wrestling fans. It is a really useful historical insight into one of many artists who should be remembered for their contribution to popular culture and inspirational career.

Thoroughly entertaining

Watched via Amazon. It was thoroughly entertaining and such a fascinating story, was left wanting more. Unlike some documentaries which seem to drag this one had every emotion - it was compelling, heartwarming, fun and up-lifting. The lockdown lift we needed.

Informative and enjoyable

I really enjoyed this having purchased through YouTube. I have watched it numerous times and not tiring of it.Adrian wrestled at his peak prior to when I was of an age to watch wrestling and this film has made me a big fan of his and have sought out as many matches as I can to watch.
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