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Action | Drama
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Japanese 2.0  
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6 / 10 
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Directors: Sadao Nakajima [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Generel Sanada, seeking retribution for the murder of his father and a lost battle, both conceived by the Shogun, devises a series of brilliant plans to thwart the Shogun's overwhelming strength.


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Awful, terrible and horrible

I rare encountered a Japanese Samurai movie this bad. Terrible script, lot of bad actors to play those assassins. The story line is like a jumping bean hopping around with random directions, those assassins, some of them just looked like jerks or clowns, even those guys really existed in the Japanese history, this movie simply ridiculed them to the extreme. Some of the characters, such as the famous Ninja and those familiar names appeared in different Japanese Samurai movies were completely twisted. 10/10? Are you serious? If this movie is 10/10, how you justify those really really good Japanese Samurai movies and how you rate them? 100/10?

A good film about a real person

This is a film about a real person. Sanada Yukimura fought a war against Tokugawa Ieyeasu. In the beginning the film shows Yukimura fighting to defend the Osaka Castle. He used very unconventional methods, wich were not approved by the other defenders. When the Osaka campaign was lost, Sanada is shown dedicating all his efforts to assassinate the shogun Ieyeasu. There are several attempts one more interesting than the other. There is also magic ( Ninja employed by Sanada). There is a lot of first class action.The film is bound to interest all viewers that like "Samurai" films .I liked it very much
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