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Rendez-Vous (2015) 1080p - Movie Poster
Drama | Romance
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29.97 fps
Dutch 2.0  
Run Time:
100 min
IMDB Rating:
5.7 / 10 
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Directors: Antoinette Beumer [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Simone inherits a dilapidated farmhouse in France and makes her way there with her husband Eric and their two children. Her dream is to turn the house into a bed and breakfast but as the hectic pace of the rebuilding gets underway, she gets caught up in the romance and chaos of it all. Losing sight of her goals, she must find her way back to the dreams and ambitions which brought her there in the first place.


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Shot SOooo tastefully...

OMG! No offense, I used to think only Hollywood is able to provide deeply touching pictures. But after this movie I take my thoughts back. The story is simple: happy young woman with her age husband and 2 adorable kids feels a strong attraction to a worker at her house. There is a twist at the end, but I especially loved how their feelings were shown and developed. The best scene is when she is in the kitchen right after they were close , she feels that over and over again. Oh... Terrific! Why is low rating (5 currently) and not too much reviews? Should be 10 plus.

Pretty locale ..Dumb leading lady

How dumb was Simones character... ??? Very predictable... great locales.... great background score... but the dumbest ( without meaning to be )leading lady i ve seen in quite a while... didnt like the end

Predictable and boring.

Predictable, sometimes boring, slow, and with an ending not realistic.
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