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2.4 / 10 
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Directors: Ryan Humphries [Director] ,

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A mysterious ball of light and fire falls from the sky and crashes in the woods outside a small rural vacation cottage in Crows End where Brad, Adrian, Rachael, and Jessica have come for a relaxing weekend retreat. Unknowingly they witness what could be the end of all mankind. But can the bad news get any worse? Apparently it can, Rachael now has something evil growing inside her. Within hours, two clueless FBI agents emerge on the scene with more questions than common sense or training in this send up of X-Files, Men In Black, Slither and A Light in the Sky.


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But where were the fun parts?...

Granted, given this 2013 comedy movie's rating on IMDb, perhaps I should have taken heed and maybe steered clear of the movie all together. But still, I hadn't already seen the movie, and with the title it had, "Not Another Sci-Fi Movie", I thought maybe it could be a fun enough spoof like many other spoofs out there. So of course, I found myself sitting down to watch this 2013 comedy from writer and director Ryan Humphries.

And while I managed to sit through the entire movie, I can't really say that this was a particularly enjoyable or entertaining movie, much less a funny one actually. Yet, I kept hanging in there, hoping that the movie would pick up its story and become funny. It just never happened. So yeah, you might want to do yourself a favor and skip on this movie.

The storyline was pretty straight forward, but it wasn't much of a spoof, little less much of any great comedy gem. There were a scene or two that managed to bring a smile to my lips, but that was about it. No laughs.

As for the acting in "Not Another Sci-Fi Movie", well let's just say that you shouldn't consider yourself in for a grand spectacle of award-worthy performances. Sure, the acting performances were good enough, given the limitations of the script and storyline, but they weren't particularly noteworthy.

Visually, then the movie was adequate. Sure, it bore witness to being a low budget movie, but I will say that the props, sets and wardrobe was actually fair enough.

All in all, "Not Another Sci-Fi Movie" wasn't a great movie experience, and it most certainly is not one I would recommend you spending your time, money or effort on if you enjoy an entertaining comedy movie. My rating of the 2013 "Not Another Sci-Fi Movie" is a generous three out of ten stars.

So Beautfully Awful

This movie is so bad that it's worth watching, but it might be painful to some. I have to believe that the acting is deliberately terrible. I've literally seen better acting in pornos. I mean I've heard other people describe the acting in pornos and it sounded better than this movie. I don't think I've ever seen a student film before, but I have to believe that they are better than this movie. It really is so bad that people should watch it so they can recalibrate their baselines for 1 * ratings.

There actually are some pretty good jokes, but the acting is so bad that the delivery is ruined. There are a few decent physical gags, but the dialog is flat so you might not even partially chuckle.

The two main chick characters are cute so there's that, but, unfortunately their acting is as bad as the dudes' acting.

Again, this movie is worth watching because it's so horrible.
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