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Drama | Thriller
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80 min
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3.7 / 10 
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Directors: Donna McRae [Director] ,

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Lucy travels to an isolated house in the forest to wait for her sister. They have worked out a risky scheme for their future and all she needs to do is sit it out. However a sinister presence may have something different in mind.


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Slow burn? Not even a spark.

I have been patient for 45 minutes into this movie. There has been nothing suspenseful, no sense of impending anything (bad, good or amusing.) The main character, Lucy, needs to develop some real interests because all she can seem to do is be bored and annoyed that there isn't a television. What I wouldn't give for a week where she is, quiet and peaceful, ghost or no ghost. I've watched this far in hopes that maybe there is a subplot involving the sister and why Lucy is hiding in the woods. Is the 'man' they keep discussing, Lucy's partner but Cassie is cheating with him while trying to convince Lucy that he is dangerous to her? Maybe Cassie and the man are trying to make Lucy think she's crazy? I don't know and at this point I don't even care. Lame, boring, and annoying.

Get Lost At Gully Road ...

Lucy (Adele Perovic) drives up to a house located in bush land and we soon learn that she has plans to wait at the house on her own as she will be meeting up with her sister. She kills time by inspecting the house and investigating the general atmosphere that surrounds her. Lucy and her sister seem to have something planned which is slightly vague but to top it off, something or someone is lurking around Lucy IN OR AND? the house...is it a person? A ghost? Or something worse?

Lost Gully Road is a fairly basic film with a super small cast. Some audiences might be surprised to see the film isn't always dialogue heavy. Instead, we are given some pretty creative shots which ate designed to give the audience a true idea of the atmosphere that surrounds Lucy and the fact that something bad is brewing...

One element I rather enjoyed was the film's audio track/sound effects. At multiple times the film gives the vibe of exactly what Lucy sees and hears. My Surround speakers were loaded with birds flying around, noises in the house, car engines rumbling and the list goes on. The suspense delivered in both audio and visual can't be denied, nor can the creativity of both of these elements. I also enjoyed seeing the film show a few good shots that truly show off the goods that is Australia!

As a plot, the film is slightly vague and the overall enjoyment will be up to the individual. If you're the type of movie lover who enjoys lots of plot and fast paced activity, you may find Lost Gully Road a slightly "slow burn" in regards to the plot department. Lost Gully Road doesn't tell its story in a rush but more so takes its time to build up the suspense which I personally enjoyed. As a thriller I found this film aimed for something above the standard creepy (or slasher) horror film. The look of the film is B grade, but sure, not every film needs an outrageous budget to tell its story. Lost Gully Road made me feel like I was watching a midday film or a TV episode. No matter what you think of the film, as it progresses, viewers will be become more curious to know what the threat is that Lucy encounters while waiting for her sister in this house.

Overall, this is a creative Australian film delivering a thriller with a basic plot and small cast. Lost Gully Road is to be enjoyed at a smooth, slow pace which only builds tension and the viewer's curiosity. It's different, it's creative and there's something to admire here based on the filming style alone. The film's audio track was also fun, showing off the suspense and bit of the fun that is the nature of Australia.

5.7/10Walkden Entertainment

Fright night....

Lost Gully Road is both horror and character study, with compelling, pulled back performances, most notably by protagonist Adele Perovic. From the first scenes, a sense of foreboding and slowly building paranoia creeps in and never let's go, paced with precision by director Donna McRae. The film lulls the viewer with its cadence, an almost mesmerizing push and pull, until all is shattered in the final frenetic, truly horrific moments. I saw this director's first horror, Johnny Ghost, at a festival and have followed ever since, I was excited to see another horror.... she has a true command of the genre. You won't be disappointed.
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