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Directors: Andrzej Bartkowiak [Director] ,

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During a picturesque summer on the Nantucket coast, Niko and Tillie are living the dream of a summer romance. However, when Niko's terrorist brother comes to the United States, Niko must pit himself against his own family in order to protect eh woman he loves and thousands of innocent people.


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Bad film that's all I Can say nothing else is good about this film

I am Die Hard fan of Scott Adkins even I Met Scott Adkins 3 years ago, he is a very person but I don't understand what's with his career that he chooses to be in this crappy films today sadly like with Incoming, Abduction worst of worst No Surrender, dear god now with this film it's like Scott Adkins has to pay bills to just to collect money get this film role that he never cares about, this is the worstest film with Scott Adkins I have ever seen. this is most baddest film I have ever seen don't expect Scott to be lead role or to be anything he is not Yuri Boyka as cruise ship welcome board type no, who would make a teen romance drama mixed with loosely based on brothers that blew up Boston Marathon Bombings I am like what kinda idea is that? how did this piece of crap got a green light for? waste of money, waste of time, waste of cast time, waste of time writing this film, waste of time for Scott Adkins simple as that if you watch this film it's gonna such biggest time waster that is not worth of your time believe me or not don't watch the film just for Scott Adkins I was curious about what the heck is this film all about? this film was filmed back in 2016 because I saw imagines and film set it was originally titled Altar Rock so if this was shot back in 2016 what toke so long to release it? I wasn't waiting for this movie and pretty sure if this never got made I would said who cares I am waiting for Accident Man 2 and more Undisputed films and other projects that he is doing. other cast main young actors India Eisley known for Underworld Awakening, she did fine in film what can I say you enjoy little nudity scene with her in film that was most surprising thing I saw in film what else was surprising

story follows that during Boston Marathon Bombings happened while opening scene you have Scott Adkins sitting at Bar with his long hair like in 3rd Undisputed film or him in triple threat I am getting tried with him with long hair sitting at bar like he wants to kill someone but no red flags when they see him? then in present day Tillie Gardner (India Eisley) her parents got killed at Plane crash then she lives in with her step family with 2 lesbian mums?? I am like weird then she meets Niko (KJ Apa) then you have this romance together then you have Marco (Scott Adkins) playing terrorist then you have this twist where you find out it's his brother, so then you have Agent Richard Cantrell (James Remar) he is FBI agent that wants to find Scott Adkins character take him down. the script, set up of story is surely to blame more director I loved Romeo Must Die, Cradle 2 the Grave, Exit Wounds, DOOM but sadly never got to make a another bigger film he made Maximum Impact then to this bad film

I can't believe it because I wish this director could make another big film again but sadly he is getting slaright to Video demand crap but hey director Andrzej Bartkowiak made his another worst film of all time like with Maximum Impact but jeez I wish he could make another big action movie not like this topical crap. I don't know why this scene has to do with Boston Bombing why can't this film be a different storyline. Imagine the brothers behind the horrific attack in Boston, throw in sappy scenes of teen courtship, a puppy, lots of girls in bikinis witch I like that but I wish that was in a different movie, The FBI, wooden acting and set it all at the beach. This is beyond cringeworthy. I can't even understand who or what type of audience wanted this type of film?? this is a joke full of it. you have fight scene with Scott and James Remar scene nothing to special scene end of day this is the worst film I have ever seen in my life this is other worst Scott Adkins films ever made of all time just like among with Incoming and Abduction worst films ever made including this film as well

The Beauty

KJ was effortless in his appearance. India made me feel for her character, every emotion she gave out was making me want to be there for her. The overall location and setting of the Film was superb. Definitely will be watching again!

problematic Niko

Tillie (India Eisley) is a troubled girl on Nantucket Island. Her parents had recently been killed in a plane crash. She falls for cab driver Niko (K.J. Apa). The problem is his murderous brother Marco (Scott Adkins). Agent Cantrell (James Remar) is on the case.

Niko is a problematic character. K.J. plays him like a nice guy. I buy his inner conflict with his brother but he tries to be the good guy. This apparently is inspired by the Boston Marathon bombers. The problem is that this movie is nowhere near sophisticated enough to do justice to the complexity of human relationships. There are awkward turns here with Niko. I don't buy his character even without the inspiration.
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