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Directors: Sam Liu [Director] ,

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Batman, Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, and Richard Dragon join forces when they come to realize that they share a common acquaintance. The Martial Arts Master that trained them has been missing for a number of years and under mysterious circumstances. When a cursed relic resurfaces, the mystery of their dead master re-opens and Batman and his former classmates must face-off in the ultimate test of their Martial Arts kills to gain control of this dangerous relic.


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If you want to see the Batman, don't watch this film.

Batman did nothing in the entire of the movie, and the real hero character is Bruce Lee (Richard Dragon whatever....) Batman is just a sidekick of Bruce Lee in this film.

And there is so many stereotype characters and setups everywhere in the movie.It's about Kung fu and students call their teacher "Sensei" which is Japanese. I guess DC thinks all Asians are using Japanese. They don't even care.

I cannot even believe this film made in 2021.

Good Action Movie

The previous Batman animation movies were not that interesting and lacked action.

This movie has a nice simple plot but a lot of action and it is done good.

It is a fun movie which animated comic book movies are suppose to be!

Ignore the haters and low score this is a solid 7/8 hope there is a part 2..

I want my wasted time BACK!

What is this a joke of a movie? Batman: Soul of the Dragon? More like Batman: Being a Robin. Batman had no character development, it's like no one knows who the Batman his, no one has even a mention of him. If I wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda, there is Cobra Kai out on Netflix, I would have watched that! If they are thinking of a new movie, then I hope all the reviews make think about the next flick! Man....I should have checked the review before watching..
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