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Documentary | History
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100 min
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6.1 / 10 
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Directors: Ken Del Vecchio [Director] ,

Movie Description:
What is the common thread among the only four U.S. Presidents who have been assassinated - Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy? They were also the only four presidents to ever to take away money-issuing control from the private banks and turn it over to the U.S. Treasury. Within less than a year of each president doing so, they were murdered. And within months of their vice president successors assuming their offices, they returned the money issuing power back to the private banks. 4 PRESIDENTS provides the first-ever in depth analysis of this very likely - and very frightening - historic conspiracy.


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Clears up a great deal of confusion learned in school

Sadly, our schools leave out a lot of the hard facts needed to make sense of history. Memorization of dry facts and dates is NOT what history is about. I finally gained an appreciation of history in 11th grade World History class, where Mrs. Hendry informed her class that history was all about "motivation." I was electrified and enthralled by this new reality.

This film does a deep dive into the history of historical motivation and one of the key motivating factors of all human existence -- greed!

More than half a century after high school, I still love history and this film scratches a very big itch to know more.

Oh, and those small minds who criticize the notion of "conspiracies," likely have no idea what a conspiracy is. It's merely a conversation between 2 or more people for the purpose of doing something unethical. In my research for my book, "Dirt Ordinary," I discovered that there are at least 489 new conspiracies starting every second, on average. And some of those conspiracies involve the starting of wars, and the theft of billions of dollars. A conspiracy is merely part of group selfishness.


Informative but the background music and narrator combined for a great antedote for sleep

A Wonderous Piece For The Ages Of Screens Computers And Simulation Living

Wow what an excellent perspective on america. i can tell from this alone that Ken has a produced another fantastic piece of commentary that we can all sit back and enjoy this one with many many years to come . Thanks so much for this fantastic and persistent .
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